Anywhere But Home

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Families can get so annoying and hurtful sometimes that you wish that you were anywhere but home, I know I do :(

Submitted: December 06, 2007

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Submitted: December 06, 2007



No matter what you give them love but they say you've ruined their life

Without even knowing you end up in heartache and strife

They don't realise that their words cut in

If crying was immoral, than you're a living sin

You try so hard to live up to the title and make them proud

But they just label you as annoying or rebellious and loud

You'd do anything to just make them care

But all they ever see is your attitude or outrageous ways of doing hair

You want them to see you for who you are

Not turn you into their falling star

They pick you up when you fall but only to drop you back down

Sometimes you're so lost your feet can't even feel the cold, hard ground

Hardly ever they praise, but they tease and taunt

You just don't know anymore what it is they want

And when you finally stand up and take no more

They tell you you're more than welcome to walk out the front door

You pick up your pieces and leave in spite

You're so sick and tired, you just don't want to fight

You try and find comfort in places you thought you would never seek

You think about how they always called you weak

So now you're alone, so broken on your own

But you say to yourself anywhere but home

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