Some Ordinary Girl

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This is confusing, it's about liking someone I really SHOULD NOT have feelings for, though he always plays his part in making things more akward too LOL.

Submitted: December 20, 2007

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Submitted: December 20, 2007



In you I can fulfil my full satisfaction

Though with me you resist to find an attraction

Is it the time, our age or place where we met?

Though Cupid can't help the scene where our story is set

I see you look and stare, it's not just curiosity

Is it that you feel this desire's burning ferocity?

If you give in to me, I can keep your world safe and sound

Let go of this lost fight and we'll find some common ground

Why can't you just stop being so arrogant?

Just for once give in to what the moment wants

My love may not be made out of diamonds but it isn't a childish thing

Or maybe you're just scared of what exploring this may bring

Open your eyes and realise that I'm not trying to hurt you

When are you going to see I'll love you even after the day is through?

Behind every great king lies a beautiful queen

Though it's a shame that's she's just used and never seen

Don't lock me in that sky-high castle and throw away the key

Though eventually you're going to have to give in and set me free

Why not break these boundaries and erase all fears?

Will it kill you so much to make me laugh instead of shed tears?

Get rid of the mask and be the man I know you really are

Rules aren't to be broken, but can be taken too far

Close your eyes, stop listening to what they say and just forget the world

Then again I'm the one who is dreaming, it's only the love of just some ordinary girl

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