When my love got old

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This is something I went through not so long ago and I can't explain why but every now and then when I think about it, it still sparks a tear or two.

Submitted: April 02, 2007

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Submitted: April 02, 2007



It took a lifetime to get together, didn't even take a minute to fall apart

I saw the end before anything could even start

I waited so long I thought that you were worth it

Just like a key in a lock, we'd fit together perfect

You took my hand, built my world and always made me smile

But I never thought the happiness would only last a while

On the outside everything was safe and sound

Though inside everything was being ripped down

I called you that day after work to see how you were

I didn't think much until I heard her whisper

I never thought in a million lifetimes this is how you'd be

I thought all along it was only you and me

I actually loved you so much just the thought of losing you caused pain

Though to you I was just another part of your game

You treat me like I don't exist and you walk around without a care

But I'm the one who gets the dirty looks and stares

I trusted you so much but you played me around

I'm so broken there are some pieces that will never be found

Sometimes I just want you to stop and look me in the eyes

And please don't lie to me when I ask you the reason why

I still can't face you because I'm covered with shame

I can't help but think maybe I was to blame

When I see you walking down the street I try and run away

But my I can't forget that the scars are going to stay

One day I'll find my courage and stop you as you pass by

Then I'll turn to you and ask "why darling why?"

And when you've got nothing left to sacrifice

Then I'll know you've paid the ultimate price

The same price that I paid when your heart went cold

The same price that I paid when my love got old

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