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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic
This is a play i wrote for drama club and my book is based upon this.

Submitted: May 05, 2016

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Submitted: May 05, 2016



(The scene is set the night dark with a bright full moon no clouds and few trees outside. A victorian style house with blue shutters, white paint, and a roof as black as the darkest day.)


Clare : Have you seen him? I haven't since yesterday and I’m getting worried, he’s never left for two weeks weeks before. Where is he?


Dwayn : Do you mean John he's been he's only been gone a day or so, where have you been to everyone thinks you're missing.


Clare : Then where was i. I thought i've been here since for the last 2 weeks we need John, can you reach him my phones missing. Call him NOW!

(With angry notion towards the phone slightly sticking out of Dwayne's pant pocket.)

Dwayn  : Ok, ok give me a sec.

(He takes out the phone and dials a number.)

(Noise: it rings three times then a voice picks up slightly hyperventilating.)


John : Hello, Dwayn its midnight what's the problem.

Dwayn : Clare is here. she showed up at my door she thinks you've been missing, she doesn't know.

Clare : What don't i know? I demand to know, Now.

John : Give the phone to Clare, i'll explain.

(Dwayn hands the phone to clare)


Clare : Hey, what's the deal.

John : Ok here's the story three weeks ago we were doing our normal routine it was a good day at school and you were having fun since as always.


(Curtain closes, opens new scene, a high school science room, appears as a flashback john narrates.)

Narrator : Then this sub came in we were all surprised Mr.Seca was never absent. In his place was Mr.Adams he was dressed in dark gloomy clothing and slumped. Do you remember?

Clare : Maybe, yah.

Narrator : Good i'll go on, he talked on and on and then he called you into the hall still remember?

Clare : Yes, he pulled me out and i asked why.


Clare : (On stage conversation.) Why'd you pull me out, sir?

Mr.Adams : Because you've been bad.

Clare : I’m sorry, what have i done wrong.


Clare : (In narrator conversation.) Then he said “ You were born” and then,

Narrator : What, what did something happen? (Said franticly.)

clare : I, i, i forgot.

(Large bang and the curtain closes, it opens scene is night again with clare unconscious in Dwayn’s arms.)


Dwayn : Clare, clare get up up now come on.

 (John is screaming to know what happened. Dwayn picks it up and talks.) Clare is out of it she blacked out i don't think she knows what happened what what do i do, i don't know, you need to get here now.

john : K, just get her to your room i just got back i'll be there any minute get her inside, make her comfortable.


(John walks on stage with clare in arms. curtain closes, it opens new scene Dwayns room blue white bed shelf and a poster of baseball team/ cardinals, and a bean bag chair. Dwayn circling frantically clare on bed unconscious. Knocking on bedroom door, john opens it and enters.)


John : Were, were is she.

Dwayn : Over there on the bed what's wrong? what did she say on the phone before this?why can't she remember? What are we doing? What is this place doing to us? (Hyperventilating, still circling the room.)

John : (sitting on the bed holding Clare's wrist for a pulse.) She's fine she’ll. Now stop calm down sit. (Sternly) I figured out what's going on.

Dwayn : Well.

John : Well, i think we should talk in the hall i don't want her to hear in case she wakes up. (They step out into the hall) Remember that super imaginary story, Mr.Tallen told us last holloween, about the Witch and the Girl.

Dwayn : Yes but what does that have to do with anything it just a scary story.

John : And that's where it gets weird it's not it's not a scary story. And i haven't been out of town, I've been researching.

Dwayn : K, tell me everything.

(Curtain closes, it opens new scene 15th century colonial America in a log cabin sitting room. A boy and girl sitting holding hands by a fire place.)


John narrates : It was just a year before the war, and Klark Lane had fallen in love with a boy, James Wells and he had fallen in love with her. But his family was something else.

Dwayn : You mean witches?

John : Yes.


Klark : I love you and i want to spend the rest of my life with you.

(Klark stokes his face and James removes it and and holds it in his own.)

James : And i you but you know i can't be with you, you know why.

Klark : Yes it's your mother but i don't see why she can stand in our way.


Dwayn : Did she know, about him?

John : No and he wouldn't tell her, for fear that she would reject him and that if she found out his mother would kill her.

(The curtain closes, new log cabin sitting room with boiling cauldron in center and shelves with bottle of strange liquids and items. Women standing near pot with long wooden utensil. James walks in.)


James : Mother we need to talk immediately.

(She sets down the utensil.)

Mother : Yes james what is it I'm very busy.

James   : I want to marry, klark. and i want your blessing.

Mother : You don't have my blessing to marry that girl, she is a witch hunter she ill kill as soon as you tell her of our family.

James : Mother that is not true nor will it ever be true so blessing or not i'm marrying her.

 (Said in loud yell, and storms off stage.)


(Curtain closes, new scene meadow in front of a forest under wooden arch, james and Klark are sitting on a bench.)


James : (Kneels down at Klark’s knee and pull out a small box.) Klark, I love you and i do not care what my mother has to say as long as i am by your side i will protect and i will love you. Will you marry me Klark Lane.

(He opens the box and there a diamond ring.)

Klark : Yes yes yes yes yes i will i love you too and i will forever.

( She kneels down hugs him, he places the ring on her finger then she kisses him with all the love she could ever feel.)


(the curtain close new scene its a victorian house in the country james and klark are sitting on a couch in the parlor klark holding a telegram being held by james.)


Klark : We should read it shouldn't we.

James : Yes read it aloud.

Klark : You james wells, has been summoned to serve in the Union report immediately.

(Klark breaks into tears on james shoulder he hugs and embraces her. Comfortingly.)

James : It will be alright don't worry, i'll go, fight, and comes home safe and write you whenever i can. I must leave tomorrow though. I love you and i will come back.

(Curtain closes)


John narrates : Yes he left in the morning but but his mother had a plan and he did know that when he returned his beloved would not be there.

Dwayn : That part wasn't in the legion, and how does this relate to Clare?

John : Well i know i found it in my grandfather's old journals, and it turns out clare is the descendant of Klark Lane. But wait there's a bit more and you'll see soon what's been happening.


(Curtain opens, James mother is at the door of james and klarks home she knocks Klark lets her in and they sit.)


Klark : Hello Ms.Wells how may i help you.

Mother : I know what you are i know what you're doing to my sone and you will pay.

Klark what do you  mean what am i doing to james.

Mother : I will take my vengeance.

(The curtain closes, it opens again and Dwayn and John are in the hallway once again.)

Dwayn : What happened, what did she do.

John : She cursed her she put in a forever sleep and hid her away never to be found and when James came back he thought she killed in a massacre in the war, and he did what his mother could never imagine. He died from all the sorrow and all the tears he drown in his love for Klark. And his mother blamed klark for casting love on her son and promised that she would every one of her descendants that belonged to a third generation under the same spell as Klark. And this ritual was handed though her family and now Clare is the new third generation that is under attack. 


(A fumbling sound comes from the room.)

Dwayn : Did you hear that?

John : Yeah it's probably Clare lets check on her but don't tell her not yet not till this is over only tells of now.

(Just before Dwayn opens the door John puts his arm out and stops Dwayn.)

John : Before we go in know this, there is only one way to save Clare we have to keep her from sleep for 72 hours if she does she’ll sleep forever, and if one of the witches come they can't take her if they do well never get her back. Now let's go.

(They walk back in the room.)


Clare : Where have you bean Dwayn and John when did you get here, and where am i.

Dwayn : You blacked out on the phone you're in John's room.

Clare : No wonder it smells like jim socks.

John : Anyway i figured out what's wrong.

Clare : Well what what's wrong where, what is happening. (she shrugs confusingly)

John : We can't tell you it for your safety, all you need to know is you can't fall asleep for the next 72 hours, and there's a witch after you.

Clare : What that's non-sense it's impossible, really, why?







John & Wayn : Long story!

John : It has a little something to do with one of your great grand-mothers, and the person they married.

Clare : Let me guess Klark.

John : My mother told me the stories of the witch and the girl. But i never beleived her i mean it all sounded so fantastic, and my dad didnt know either. I guess i should have lisened before she died but how do you know we didnt know each other at the time.

John : Well it turns out our familys have been friends for a long time and some of my great grand fathers protected your ancestors. They all kept journals i think it was part of the curse i told him in the hallway when you were asleep.

Dwayn : I want to help you.

(The curtain closes, and a new scene, Clares room.)

Clare : Thankyou both, John may i talk to you.

(She asked as wayn is turned away locking the windows and doors. Then they walk out to the hallway.)

John : Yeah, what ya need.

Clare : I think, is Wayn ackting weid to you hes not normal.

John : Somthing is up, i cant quite put my finger n it but i dont think this isnt our friend. I wouldnt trust him, just give me a bit to evaluate.


Wayn : You guys ready its time.

John : Ok Clare you have exactly 1 hour to get any sleep before the 72 hour period well wake you and ill make sure no one gets in here.

(Clare lays on the bed and falls asleep.)

Narrator : 15 minutes later.

John: Wyne wait here i need to use the batheroom.

(John left the room though slightly peared through the door-way waching the friend.)

(Wayne got up and walked to the clock setting it to overlap from 1 hour to 1and a half hours, John shocked stepedd in through the door emetiatly waking Clare then attempting to grab Wayne)

John : you trader your the one hwo kidnaped Clare you inacted the spell.

Wayne : And i did it for good reason she killed my great grandfather and i will never forgive her family.. I will have her for my familys collection.

(using the magic bestowed upon him by blood, he opend the window and leaped out unable to cach him John stoped the chase and went to ease Clare.)

John : It good we did not trust him, or you would be of his collection.

Clare : Thankyou John you have saved my life.


Aarrator : As an entire day passed no further attemps to kidnap Clare had accuredd but with the strain of no sleep she was sliping and John used all of his will to keep her awake. Until.


Clare : we need to get  to my basement my mothers books are down there and among them she said ther was a recipe that will keep her awake for the time still needed.

Narrator : But little did the know the witch was liustening and when John left the room he kreeped in discised as John, and used his magic to keep John out of the sight of Clare to witch he could not help.


Wayn : Come here Clare ill take you to the basement.

(Curtain closes and and footsteps going down stairs are heard. curtain opens new scene the basment many boes and shelves of stuff.)

Clare : Here it is, now lets go make the recipe.

(They walk through a doorway and into the kitchen.)

Wayn : Here sit down (He diorects her to the table.) ill make the drink.

(He ggos and mixe several ingrediants seeming to be the recipe from the book.)

Wayn : Here lets go up to the room this way you can lay down when you drink it.

(They went up stairs and clair sat on the bed, and drank the potion.)

(Wayn laugh manyacly and reavealed himself before she fell into a deep slumper then lifted the bran against John allowing him in the room. He wached and as she fell asleep he said one thing.)

John : I love you.

(Then kissed her upon the lips as a sweet good by.)

(The curtain closes)

Narrator : And as soon as his lips released there grasp he opend his eyes and and his beloved and the witch had disapeard.

© Copyright 2020 Dane-14. All rights reserved.

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