It's over, goodbye

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Follow up to my previous poem, this one deals with the fact that I've got to cut my ex out of my life completely if I'm ever going to move on...

Submitted: February 16, 2011

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Submitted: February 16, 2011



I wrote you some poems
A while ago now
This one is a killer
But I had to, somehow

I just cannot tell you
How shitty I feel
With each passing moment
Seems it just will not heal

Whenever I see you
A bit more of me dies
It’s all I can do
To look in your eyes

Oh sure I will smile
And I’ll mess around
ut deep down inside me
I am just so run down

Will I always be lonely?
Is this all I’ve got?
A life on my own now
Guess I’ll give it a shot

“You’ll meet someone one day”
Is what people say
I’m not sure I want to
Maybe I’ve had my day

Who else is there out there
To love me like you?
You held me together
My emotional glue

You said “nothing changes”
And you’ll always care
But what use is that now?
When you’re never there?

You’re never beside me
When I go to sleep
Those dark, lonely feelings
Around me they creep

Each morning I wake up
Alone in my bed
And then I remember
That our love is dead

Not sure I can go on
Being your friend
But I guess as they say
All good things have to end

And we were a good thing
Of that I’ve no doubt
But my life’s been so empty
Since you made me move out

You’ve already a new man
To fill up your life
Perhaps he’ll have more luck
Taking you as his wife

I can’t bear to think of him
haring our bed
I just don’t deserve this
Get out of my head

I still want to grab you
To tell you you’re wrong
But instead I’ll keep playing
The same old sad song

Don’t You Remember
Is how the song goes
It’s just how I’m feeling
But nobody knows

Why don’t you remember
The feelings we shared
Why don’t you remember
The way that we cared

I’ve no-one to talk to
About how I’m feeling
It’s ripping my heart out
No sign of it healing

So if I’m to move on
And make a new start
I’ll have to get used to
A Shelly-less heart

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