A ghosts symphony

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Just a short story I thought up...this is how I feel normaly, I hope you enjoy it though

Submitted: December 11, 2011

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Submitted: December 11, 2011



Blood slowly trickeled down my down my forearm. Gentle tears spilling down my face. I gripped a pillow tight. The deep wounds on my wrists ripped open. A scream erupted from my mouth. Leaning back onto  my bed I cried in pain. I reached up to the wall and slowly wrote with two blood caped fingers.

I love you never forget that, you were all I ever wanted. but since now I'm all alone I don't see any reason in my life. Why should I live in pain and sorrow, what is there for me in this acursed world? When you left me everything was torn from me. My father continously beat me, my mother had to go to a hospital for insane people. whatever you might this of me, Why did you decide to hate me? I won't ever find out. This is the end and I can't ever go back to the day we first kissed. Yeh thats right...you can never go back. As much as I wish you could. Who ever came up with the workings of the world must of been dumb. I'm deying now, I hope your happy. I still love you and yet I know you hurt me. Was I that bad? Was I never anything to you? We were friends ever since we were babies, so why now? why hate me now? Is it because of her? I guess it is, she is better for yuo then I could ever hope to be.
Goodbye my love, this is the last time...this is all I can muster now...there are so many things I wished to tell you...so many moments I wished for us to find and spend together. This is the end of the road for me...I love you Damien...

I smiled a sad smile. I layed down. My body enveloped in my blood that oozed from the deep crevices I made. Its amazing what this tiny object can do, I thought sadly. I smiled a sad smile looking at the silver object in my hand. "Your my saviour..." I whispered with the last of my breath. I slowly closed my eyes and felt myself slipping away. My dad banged on the door trying to get in. I was happy I was deying. Finally...finally, finally I can be happy.
Slowly the world went black. All my memories faded into a dark cold room. It feels peaceful. Just dark silence...

A few weeks pass and my body still hasn't been found. I can see that my dad never wanted to find me. He left after I died. He seemed so happy. I watched you a few times Damien, you really do seem happy. Do you know that I'm gone? What will you say when you find out? Knowing you it will probably be "Finally dead, stupid emo whore" Then you'll laugh at all the pain I went through. 
I don't care anymore. I'm happy now. I died. My spirit is still here. I watch over you my love untill the day you die. I will remain unnoticed my love. How much longer do I have to watch my body decompose right before my eyes. Maybe forever untill the end of time.

They told you today, you were standing underneath a cherry blossom tree. The pink petals Swarmed around you as the wind danced with them. It was a beautiful sight to see. I just wished yyou were in my arms right now baby. then when you started to cry. It was the most painfull sight for me. knowing I couldn't put my arms around you tightly, and hold you untill you stop crying. I couldn't. My eyes are fully of tears still at the painful sight. It will always remain with me.

You screamed in pain that night, and wanted to take your life but I let my presence be known to you. I don't think you knew it was me, but you felt at peace and smiled sadly as you cried yourself to sleep. I sighed in relief. I'm so sorry baby. Will you attend my funeral baby? Will you forget about me? I promise I'll always watch over you baby. Just please please be happy and forget I existed.

Dawn coloured the sky in reds and oranges, the sun slowly rose from behind the dark horison. Its my funeral tofay baby boy. I see your getting ready to attend. Will you cry? Please don't. I asked them to play Saviour. It was our favourite song baby. A smile spreads across my lips when I remember the times we cried together to this song. It was our special song. Yes yes it was baby. I hope your happier now. I will be put in the ground today. Six feet under. 

Now as you listen to Saviour over and over again. Do you feel sad? do you regret leaving me? Baby don't blame yourself, It was all me. I wasn't good enough to be in your arms, and so now. So please baby be happy.

I see you grab the razor. The small object that saved me. What are you doing with it baby? I tried to scream out to you. Tried to stop you cutting through youe vein, but I couldn't. My voice doesn't reach you baby. What do I do now? Im crying can't you see? I still love you. I promised to watch over you, but now how can i baby? If your dead as well as me. you'll go to heaven and leave me. I'm just a lost sould wondering this earth alone. what now baby?

It's been a few weeks since you died baby. Now I'm sad again. I'm drowning in tears. Tears for you. What do I do baby? I can't get you back. Ever...
Your arms surround me...am I sleeping? But how can I be? I'm a ghost baby...I feel so sick...Oh I forgotten...I can't.
"I love you" you whisper to me, like ou did when we were still alive.
"I love you too" I scream in pain trying to stop crying. Stop the hallucinations.
But they aren't are they? you really are here with me. I'm in your arms. Now we can be happy together forever right baby? I closed my eyes and snuggled close to you. We will wonder this earth forever...never to part from each others arms

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