Neverland Loves, Never again

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She exists only in my dreams...

Submitted: September 15, 2009

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Submitted: September 15, 2009



In slumber I saw  that which is not present,

As if blind I dream of  seeing that which I desire,

But can never exist.

I smelt her sweet perfume whispering through the gentle breezes of Neverland,

And I floated by with the need to find her honeysuckle aura,

Through the mist and the clouds,

I could hear her voice, that of a songbird;

Calling me unto her,

She sang:

"We hold hands through many lands,

Through the seas and through the skies I see your face,

Hither, I'm calling you,

Let me see you once more and never again,

Let us be We just once again..."

I knew I must run,

I had to see her even if just once again.

High on her Honeysuckle; her sweet coo,

I was nothing but a flutter so fast among any others,

And there in the corner of my eye I could see her pleasing form,

Arms open wide;

Smiling for me.

Dressed in robes like flowing milk,

Skin like silk upon queens,

Locks of inky black, rich and silken to touch,

I can see my Elizabeth,

And she's calling, calling out to me,

And so far and so fast I run,

I can never reach her,

Only now I can remember her smell,

Her tender touch,

Her sweet, sweet kiss.

My Elizabeth, you I will always miss.

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