Created in the Image of God?

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I wrote this for a grad school forum discussion and had a little more fun with it than I thought. I blame the writer in me!

Submitted: June 28, 2016

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Submitted: June 28, 2016



Created in the “Image of God”?

When I first heard the phrase that human beings were created “in the image of God”, I admit that I was baffled.  After all, isn’t the God supposed to be an omnipotent, genderless being capable of transforming and shaping matter into whatever form They desire? This is the God that created the landscapes and first life forms that would later be known as animals.  I like to think of God as being an artistic child with a healthy dose of curiosity, and that when They are creating a new shape there are many typical questions running through their omniscient mind—“If I add this, will it help? What about if I cut off some of this and shape it this way?”

In retrospect, shouldn’t that mean that God’s own image is always changing? According to the various religions across the world, God has many forms; it’s up to us as followers to decide how we want to see Them.  I personally see God as being similar to Coatlicue, the original Aztec goddess from whom several of our religious figures stem from.  Coatlicue’s other name is “Teteoh innan”, meaning “mother of the gods,” and it’s true that several other Aztec gods and goddesses came from her such as Huitzilopochli (the Aztec god of the Sun and War) and Coyolxauhqui (the Aztec goddess of the Moon).  Many other figures emerged from her as well, though I digress.  The real question remains:  Are we created in the image of God?

Going back to what I said before about God being an artistic child with a healthy dose of curiosity, I feel that human beings were created as an artistic experiment in God’s eyes.  According to the Bible, They first made Adam and upon seeing how lonely Adam was being the only one of his kind, They then created Eve from one of Adam’s ribs.  You know the story; Adam and Eve went on to create the first beings of the human race and everything fell into place from there.  Now the whole Earth on which we live is populated by millions of God’s numerous creations.  There are many who believe that we, the human race, were indeed first created in God’s own image, but you already know where I stand on that.

My answer to the long-standing question is this—my God is genderless, capable of taking whatever shape They wish.  They could even be the God from South Park or even Cthulhu!

"What was I supposed to look like?"

"If I'm a god, did H.P. Lovecraft write a Bible by proxy?"

God didn’t create us in Their personal image, but They did create us with the image of Their values in mind.  Notions of kindness, generosity, love, any one of the Seven Glorious Virtues and the like.  As long as we portray those values and be the best people we can be, only then will be presenting the image of God to the world.

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