Halloween Narratives: An Anthology

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This is a collection of narratives that my students have written as part of an assignment. I have their permission to post them and all credit goes to them for their magnificent creativity!

Submitted: October 30, 2015

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Submitted: October 30, 2015



The Riverside Slasher

By Gustavo H.


On a Sunday afternoon, Pat and Emily were on their way to a Halloween dance.  They were so excited as they walked through the Party City shopping for treats and costumes.  They ended up dressing up as Ezra Bridger and Tinkerbell.


They finally arrived at the party, and they were prepared with everything they needed:  treats and costumes! They waited in line to get into the party, and it was not long until they were at the front.


“Pat and Emily, ay?” The man with the list said, “Yep, you’re on the liast.  Come in.”


They happily walked into the party.  They didn’t notice the evil smirk on the man’s face.  The party was great, and only got better with the addition of treats, music, and dancing.


“This is fun, ay, Pat?” Emily asked.


Pat replied, “This is so fun! I can’t stop dancing!”


After a few more drinks of punch, the power suddenly went out.  Pat and Emily couldn’t see a thing, but could hear the sounds of screaming.  There wasn’t any power, but the plasma TV on the wall turned on.  A newscaster was speaking.


“This is Susan Lakewood, reporting for KTLA 5 News.  Our report is that there is someone going door to door slashing people.  The man is described as wearing a black cloak and mask, and he has a knife in his hand.  He is aged around 14 to 23 years old.  No one should be outdoors in Riverside. Lock your doors and bar your.  If you can, hide somewhere in your home and keep something to defend yourself.  A message was found in a house the killer broke into, which a police informant states reads, ‘YOU’RE NEXT, PAT AND EMILY.’


Pat and Emily, whoever you are, be aware of the people around you.  One whole neighborhood has already been stabbed to death.  If you have any…”


That was the last she had to say before she was pulled off the set and stabbed.  Pat and Emily could hear her gurgling screams.


“Pat, did you hear that?! The slasher is coming for us next! What do we do?” Emily asked.


“I don’t know,” Pat said.  “Let’s just get home as fast as we can.  Our bikes are still outside.”


As they ran outside to their bikes, other party guests were running home.  They managed to get to their bikes, but before they could mount them, the slasher attacked them.


“Emily, watch out!” Pat exclaimed.  The killer was trying to stab Emily, but Pat stopped him.  “Emily, get out of here!”


As the black-cloaked figure, who was now trying to stab him, attacked him, Emily ran from her bike towards Pat and the killer, who was swiping at Pat’s head and failing due to the boy’s Stormtrooper helmet.  The killer growled and kicked Pat’s legs out from under him, and stabbed him in the stomach.  As the young boy fell down, the killer took off his mask.


“Surprised?” He said.


“No, it can’t be… Why are you doing this, Ed?!” Pat asked.  Ed was the Parkview High bully.  Pat had recognized the houses of his victims during the news broadcast, which were the homes of real people he had bullied.


“I’m doing this because you took Emily from me.  Emily was my girl, and you took her, and now I’m going to take your life!”


As Ed was about land a fatal blow, a gunshot sounded out and blood spurted from his chest.  The police were here! Ed crumbled to the ground as he was fired upon.  Emily ran to Pat’s side.


“Pat, are you okay?!”


“I’m…” Pat began weakly.  He closed his eyes and eventually stopped breathing.


“Pat!!” Emily cried.





Emily was ready to go to Hawaii with her family for vacation.  She had packed plenty of sunscreen, her straw hat, and her summery clothes.  There was also a picture of Pat, whom she was going to miss terribly.  An odd noise snapped her out of her thoughts.


“Hello? Who’s there?” She called.  The noise seemed to be coming from her window, which she had forgotten to close.  When she pulled the curtains back, she saw a black-cloaked figure with a mask and knife.


The figure pushed Emily back and she tripped, falling backwards onto her back.  The killer stepped through the window and hovered over her, grasping his knife.


“NO!!!” Emily screamed as the killer raised the knife.  He stabbed her repeatedly, an evil smirk on his face the whole time.

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