It Can't Rain All the Time

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They had met when they were children, and an everlasting bond was formed.

Their paths to adulthood were different, one having a normal loving childhood and the other having the worst imaginable. One was loved and cared for, the other frequently abused by those considered her guardians.

In high school, it was clear which cliques they belonged to; one was the jock and other an outcast. One was adored and admired, the other shunned for being an "oddball."

But still, their bond never wavered. It is unfortunate that this bond was also the reason for such tragedy, for the death of a friend often causes the minds of others to fragment...and ultimately die.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: I wrote this at random a few years back. I find it to be vague and unclear at certain points, but maybe it's better in that it leaves thinking up to the readers.

Submitted: November 11, 2014

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Submitted: November 11, 2014



The rain poured down from above, relentless in its downpour.  Thunder roared loudly, drowning out the cries of sorrow.  The young woman stared at the bodies littering the floor of the alleyway, both limp and unmoving.  Lifeless, cold, dead.  Blood seeped from lacerations and pooled around the bodies, mixing with the rain as though begging to be cleansed from whatever sin had soiled it.  In the woman's hand rested her X-Acto knife, the small blade dripping red with fresh blood.  Their blood.  Her victims' blood.  No, not victims; enemies who deserved their fate, deserved every bit of this dark and painful death.  Enemies who deserved to be pursued into an abandoned alley, beaten until left gasping for air, until finally silenced with all but a few flicks of a carefully sharpened steel blade.  All because they had taken away from her the one person she held most dear.  The one person who she cared for in this godforsaken hell on Earth.

"Charlie..." she whispered as hot tears pooled in her eyes.  Whether they fell she did not know, unable to tell the difference between the liquid pouring down her ghostly painted cheeks.  He could rest now and be free from his torment.  For him...she had done this all for him.  She wished that their movie would come true.  He had died unjustly but there had been no crow to resurrect him, and oh how she had cried when her wish did not come true.  She wanted to see him again, to be able to hold him and whisper how much she loved him.  To be able to touch his beautiful dark chocolate hair, the tight tanned skin that blanketed those powerful muscles, to finger his favorite necklace that always dangled around his neck.  She wanted to see his smile, even that cocky smirk.  Enigma wanted to look into his soft eyes and see her love returned.  She wanted to him say those words that she had only dreamed of hearing him say.  Enigma wanted to be with him.  Now.  It had to be done, there was no other alternative.  "True love is forever, right?"

Enigma stared up at the dark clouds and then turned to look at her X-Acto knife, watching the sullied blade gleam sharply against the streetlight's rays.  Wincing, she pressed the biting nose to her wrist and pulled it back.  Crimson trails sprouted up, dripping as freely as it had with those two men.  Enigma wasn't scared though; this pain was temporary.  Soon she would not feel a thing and would be able to leave this hell hole.  She would be reunited with her best friend.  The young woman started to walk down the empty street, her wounds leaving behind a messy trail.  With each step more blood was lost; each step darkened her vision until she finally stopped in the middle of a crosswalk.  She remembered this place, could feel the memories, and would never forget; this was where she and Charlie met as children.  How he had teased her relentlessly when she had tripped in the middle of the street, but he had saved her from the oncoming cars too impatient to wait.  The bond that formed was unbreakable, such as it was now.

"'It can't rain all the time...'" Enigma sang softly as she lowered herself to her knees, her makeup running horribly.  Coldness was seeping into her soaked body.  She was blind, staring into an endless black curtain.  Death was approaching with its arm outstretched, beckoning her.  Not yet...she still had something left to say.  He needed to hear it before she passed on.  He never said it when he was alive, as much as she wanted him to... "I love you, Charles.  I always have...and always will..."

And she welcomed Death's warm embrace.

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