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just something that came to me, sorry if there are any grammer mistakes etc i suck at editing :P

Submitted: July 08, 2008

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Submitted: July 08, 2008




The water swirls as my finger tips, the lake, so luminous contrast with my shadow. The faithful moon shows my reflection in the lush silver painting below, wanting to look away and deny this face I see, but so drawn, so compelled by how similar she seemed. The begging trees reach for me, mixing into my hair being tugged and pulled by the wind. The dancing dark thoughts lurk in my mind, twisting themselves into my senses. I try to ignore them, ignore the seductive urge to grab hold of insanity’s hand entwining myself with her, me, it, again. I see my soul being pulled out of my lungs and evaporated in front of me, like a wisp of smoke. The clouds stare at me in hostility, they make me feel claustrophobic lurking over me waiting for their moment to drop and suffocate me in their dark grey blanket, everyone is out to get me, including myself. There isn’t a soul out her, but there is me. The corpse treads the settled water, floating aimlessly letting the silver glow highlight her blonde hair, she is part of the painting too. She stained the knife red. I needed a partner into the next world, she just happened to be it.  My silk night gown is painted as well, they pushed I fell, and crashed into their expectations. I let the mask fall from my face and become another raft on the lake.

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