Bed Restraints

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This is just me trying to write erotica I know I have a lot of work to do but I enjoy writing it, I have not much experience with guys it probably shows... should I try writing a story with this?

Bed Restraints

Cole closes the door and embraces me, he holds me tight and starts kissing me passionately and before I know it he is pushing me onto the bed and stripping my clothes until I am bare, I feel sexy, his eyes have a special sparkle to them when were all alone like this. Cole strips himself of clothes and gets on top of me teasing me, he sucks my nipples seductively glancing at me once in while, I start moaning and he bites me softly on my neck I squirm in pleasure, he knows what I like and what gets me wet, by now I am very horny and say ‘go down on me’ he doesn’t object but first ties me up with the new restraints. I can barely move its really different but I like it, I am under his control. Cole then goes down on me his lips and tongue touch me in the right places, I try to bring my legs together forgetting that I am star fished and the restraints keep me in place. The feeling of his tongue pushing up and down on my clit is more intense than usual I try to bring my legs in again and cant the pleasure is too much I moan and he doesn’t stop. “your soaked” Cole says, I say your to blame for that’ , he laughs and kisses my stomach all the way to my mouth, then bites my neck softly, I tilt my head to the side, I love the feeling of his soft lips on me, I wish I could touch him. And without saying anything he unwraps the restraints on my hands and I hold him my arms around his back and he enters me fast in and out I have no time to react he is in and out of me his cock is hard and throbbing he leaves it in just to tease me then takes my hands and holds them down. I love being dominated by him he is so sexy I say ‘I love you’and he says ‘I love you too’. 

Submitted: August 18, 2015

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