Held by an evil warlock to channel her energy, a young girl finds freedom at a great cost.

It seemed a lifetime since she last saw the sun, for Robin, that was almost too true. Locked in a gloomy tower and with walls shrouded with an evil incantation, a warlock held her captive and channeled the girl’s pure energy from infancy to adolescence.

The warlock desired great power. This, however, came at a great price. One that he held no desire to sacrifice for. A chance stroll in the forest presented him the opportunity to fulfill this ambition.

Robin strayed merely meters away from her mother. They were picking beautiful flowers on a stroll through the long grass. With a wave of the Warlock’s shriveled arm, a flare of light distracted her mother’s protective gaze.

In mere seconds, he snatched Robin away.

The warlock never answered her cries, never spoke to her, nor looked into those teary blue eyes. He threw her into what would become an eternal prison and carved a hatch in the door just large enough to pass water and bread through; every couple of days.

As calculated, his powers grew tremendously. Surrounding villages first learned quickly to cower before him, this fear spread to the towns and eventually the whole Kingdom. None could oppose him, while fuelled with magical essence by the sadness of a child’s heart.

As the years past, people’s desire for revenge grew.

One day while pressing herself up against the walls, a brick came loose, pouring in sunlight. To her amazement, she peered and saw blades of grass and trees strewed along a grassy tundra.

A smile surfaced on Robin’s face, she sang a song of joy. Little did she know the incantation had been broken, condemning the Warlock to meet an untimely end, and that freedom rode only a few leagues away.

Submitted: June 11, 2020

© Copyright 2023 Daniel A J Barker. All rights reserved.

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Sharief Hendricks

Nicely done Daniel...

We are all prisoners to our own demons...

Loved it !!!


Thu, June 18th, 2020 5:26am

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