Empty Silence

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic
Kayn, a high school student just wakes up and notices something different, he gets out of the house and sees that there are no people, he is alone, he then sets off to see what happened and maybe
find someone on the way.

Submitted: July 23, 2018

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Submitted: July 23, 2018



 Summer, a day like any other.

Kayn, 17 years old, a high school student wakes up in the morning, nothing the unusual,

he stands up goes makes coffee and sits on the computer like every morning,

but he notices that there is no internet connection,

he tries to reboot the router but nothing changes so he calls the company, 

first call, second call, third call but nothing no one answers,

he becomes annoyed so he calls his mother but neither she answers.

He thinks nothing of that cause it happens that she doesn't answer because of work.

After a while, he becomes bored so he goes out for a walk.

Just as he gets out of the house he notices that there are no cars moving and neither people,

but because it was noon in the middle of summer he just thought that because of the heat nobody gets out of the house or everyone has gone to work or the beach.

He walks down the road but nothing, 

in the horizon,

Kayn becomes kinda suspicious so he runs down the center of the town where the stores are open every day and all day

...NOTHING, NOONE, SILENCE, he becomes scared and runs back to home,

he stops and thinks a bit why this is happening,

is it a special day or something?

Is something big happening and no one told me?

He can't think of an answer and so he switches the TV on to see if there are news that tell whats happening but the only thing he sees is a white screen on all the channels.

At first, he becomes paranoid and thinks that a virus killed everyone while he was sleeping but there is no way that could be true

cause there would be bodies everywhere.

After an hour or so he becomes sane again while not be able to think a logical explanation of what has happened.

He grabs a bag and puts all the necessary things that he has in the house like the phone, water, food and his mp3 to keep him company and sets off.

He comes out of the house and sets off to find out what happened.

After walking for 4 hours he becomes tired, he sees no life whatsoever.

He started questioning his morals, 

like is there a reason not to steal out of stores and break into houses.

After a while night comes, he is out of water and food so he has no other option than to break into a house to find something to drink and spend the night,

he hesitates at first but realized that there is no one to tell him anything so he breaks the window of a house and gets in.

He drinks some water and sits at the bed and then everything he has been suppressing comes all at ones,

he starts crying and shouting why is this happening to me?

why am I all alone?

where is everyone?

is this a prank?

and after a few hours when he calms down from theexhustion he falls asleep hoping that everything will become normal when he wakes up.

Next morning, Kayn wakes up he looks around and realizes that he is in the same house he broke into last night,

he runs to the window but there is no one outside as he feared,

he understands that this is not a dream and neither some prank,

he gets his bag and before he leaves he sees the keys of a motorbike,

he then remembers when he argued with his mother to let him get a driving license for a bike but she didn't want that because she thought that it was dangerous,

but in the end, she gave in and just told him in a quiet voice "just..be careful".

He snickered and then clenched his teeth in frustration, after that he took the keys and came out of the house.

While coming out he notices a big increase in the number of animals that were in the streets,

some where wild animals too.
He then sees a bike with the same sticker as on the keys so he goes,

he sits on it, puts the keys in and starts the engine.

The first place he thought of going is the beach cause from there will be easier to understand in what condition the town was 

and also because the beach was far away he thought that maybe he finds someone else on the way.

While riding the bike and going through the places he grew up he thought of all the memories he had there with his friend and his family,

and because of that, that ride was long..and painful.

In the middle of the way, he notices a gun store that he used to visit a lot with his father because his hobby was hunting.

Thinking about the wild animals he encountered in the morning he thought that he would probably need some protection if something were to occur.

He stops and goes to the door, it was locked so he went and got a big rock and smashed it through the window,

the alarm then went off but he didn't care that much.

Inside where a lot of different weapons and because of his father he knew how to use them,

so he got a hunting knife and a hunting rifle on his back.

While searching through the drawers in the back room he found a grenade that the owner probably got to show off,

he grabbed it and put it in his pocket for an emergency,

after that, he took off again.

After about 2 hours he finally arrived at the beach but what he saw left him petrified.

All the town, everywhere the eye meets is dead empty not a single human 

while animals had already taken over the town.

He then understood, that at least in the town, no in the country all the humans disappeared without a

He fell on his knees and with tears in his eyes he realized in what situation he was in and that he could do nothing about it.

After some time that he pulled himself together and he just started walking, without a destination, he just walked for hours and hours feeling empty and depressed.

Then the night came and because there where no light and there was a danger because of the wild animalshe quickly run to a house and locked himself in.

That night hedidnt sleep, and neither the next one,

he justlayed on the bed thinking of the past, the present and the unclear future,

he still wished every night that everything would become normal but nothing would change.

After some days he was out of food so he had to get out to get some.

Getting out hecouldnt believe what he saw,

the number of animals was multiplied by 10,

it was like a jungle in the city.

He gets his rifle and gets on his bike and sets off to the nearest store.

he arrived but outside of the store he stumbled upon some dogs thatwhere fighting,

he honked to scare them off but one dog was injured so itcouldnt run,

he ignored it and went into the store.

He filled his bag with food and came out,

the dog was still there but itwasnt moving it was just barely breathing.

He looked at it while it was desperately trying to stand up,

he got on top of his bike and started leaving but for somereason memories of his past came to him.

When he was little his father got him a dog and he was super happy about it

but for some reason day after day it started to not run and play as it was when he first got it

and one day when he was home alone the dog started crying for some reason but hedidnt know what to do so he called his mother to tell her whats wrong,

she told him that she would be home in a bit and that everything would be okay.

But little before she came home the dog died.

He cried, he cried all day long

because when it started to play less he was always thinking its okay its just sick once it gets better she would run and play like it used to...

But that day never came.

But the reason he cried the most was because he was unable to do anything to help it.

After that, he stopped the bike imidietly and went back,

he went close to the dog but it was afraid so it started struggling,

so kayn grabbed some food from his bag and placed it near its mouth.

After some time the dog wasnt afraid anymore so he took it and carried it to the home he was living.

He placed the dog on the bed and did first aid on him that he had seen on tv and then gave it food and water,
after that, he spent the night next to it.

After a week the dog was feeling a lot better and it become very close to Kayn,

he also named him Ace,

it was the name he wanted to give the dog when he was little but couldnt.

After that Kayn stopped feeling that lonely cause he always had a companion with him at all times.

Every day Kayn and Ace wentfor a search in the town in the case that someone was still there,

they searched the whole city but they found nothing.

Their peacefull days continued for 2 years,

at that time they already moved in a better house that Kayn personally customized to his liking and made it so no wild animals could get in.

Eventually Kayn stopped searching for people cause he knew that he wouldnt find anyone,

but hewasnt that sad anymore,

he got used to his new life with Ace so he was happy.

One day Kayn wanted to go for a resupply for food so he got Ace and went out.

They arrived at the store and got in, but just as Kayn stared to fill his bag he heard Ace barking  reallyangrilly outside, 

he run to see whats happening and saw a brown bear right across the street,

Kayn was shoked cause he had never seen one before up close,

he brought out his hunting rifle and aimed at its head.

But right as he shot, the rifle jammed so the bullet didnt come out.

He started panicking and trying to fix it 

but the bear was already too close he tried to pull out his knife but it was too late and just as he closed his eyes and fell on the ground 

Ace bit him from behind and the bear from the turning force hit him sent him across the street.

Kayn was petrified, he saw Ace get hit for him and he thought to himself "will i not be able to protect him again ?"

Heclenced his teeth with all his might and jumped with the knife stabbing the bear from behind in the neck reapedetly.

Then herun with his last strengh to Ace.


There was blood everywhere and he wasnt moving,

he knew from a glance that he was beyond saving

so he just sat next to him,

he put his hand on his head,

tears where falling everywhere,

hecouldnt speak,

he just sat and looked at him 

with eyes full of tears.

Ace's breathing started becoming really heavy and Kayn just wished that a miraclehappend that hedidnt even care if he was alone

that only if Ace could surive he would be happy.

After a few minutes, Kayn stood up, 

looked at Ace as he took his final breath,

he then looked at the sky,

after a few seconds, he took out the grenade out of his pocket and took the pin out.

And just as he opened his hand and the grenade fell he wishpered

goodbye, my friend..and......thank you...

After that, there was only.... 

empty silence


© Copyright 2020 Daniel ABR. All rights reserved.

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