The Magnificent Adventure with Jack Grange

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Jack Grange is a 14 year-old boy who lives Richmond, Virginia. While admitting into the closest and local high school, Huguenot, Jack lives a rather happy life with his parents: Jhan and Gabriela Grange, and his pet dog, Milly. Every week Jack gets these "dreams" that predict what's going to happen, one of his problems is that; he doesn't know on what day is it going to happen. Along with his five friends and his sister try to figure out why is this happening to him, while other problems arrive at their door-step.

Table of Contents

A Day to Remember

Submitted: November 27, 2016

  First day of school at Huguenot High, Jack already awake by the nerves bubbling up inside him, didn't even had the willingness to ... Read Chapter

Not Going Back

Submitted: November 28, 2016

After Jack looking at the "closed classroom" and surviving his first day of school, he told his mom that he'd be walking home, although that's what he thought. Read Chapter

What's Inside the Classroom

Submitted: November 28, 2016

Second day of school, Jack had enough of his friends asking more and more questions, so instead of just walking away from seeing the same student enter in the same "closed" classroom, he decides otherwise. Read Chapter

The Castle with its Queen

Submitted: November 28, 2016

Here, Jack and his friends find out mostly about the history behind the castle and behind this magical world they found. Read Chapter

The Real world vs. The Unreal World

Submitted: November 29, 2016

It's been 2 days now before the incident of appearing in the magical world inside that classroom, Jack decides to start taking care of his own problems. Read Chapter

Triangles of The Three Lands

Submitted: November 30, 2016

This chapter mostly focuses on the three girls - Bella, Destiny, and Rachel- getting into some history class, not quite. Read Chapter

Thomas The Brave

Submitted: December 01, 2016

Destiny and Rachel decide to go to Jack to tell him about what they researched, although, they won't tell him about the incident with Bella, and Thomas decides to be brave. Read Chapter

Only Me... No, Only Us

Submitted: December 02, 2016

In this chapter, Jack finds out what happens to Bella and then he decides to bring all of them to the land to talk with Herald. Read Chapter

The Plan

Submitted: December 07, 2016

Alex finds out about Jack while talking about their plan to take back the crown. Read Chapter

The Decision

Submitted: December 19, 2016

The continuation of chapter 9. Read Chapter


Submitted: February 03, 2017

Here, Jack Grange talks about his feelings on this situation they have with the island, Ornament opens up to Jack.
Read Chapter