The shack of the ravens

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The poet, the shack, and a whole bunch of ravens.

Submitted: October 04, 2014

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Submitted: October 04, 2014



With his old typewriter and a bag of goods

The poet in a dark coat retreats into the woods

Clouds of sorrow gather above his head

So many clouds that’ll release the tears of the dead


He walks on the leaves which died with the coming of Fall

The poet stops and leans on a hundred years old wall

The poet looks at the naked trees and from the bottom of his drowned soul he sighs

So much sadness and misery can be seen in the poet’s eyes


He continues to walk upon the dreadful ground

As his heart unnaturally pounds

The poet reaches the old wooden shack

On its rooftop sits of dark birds a pack


The poet knows them very well

They shriek to him like they have something to tell

They keep him company for many years

As the poet writes songs of love and releases many tears


For his long lost love he cries

Every day a piece of his soul slowly dies

And with every death of his appears a new raven

The poet hopes she is in Heaven


On the old chair the poet sit

He wants the words in his head to paper transmit

So he takes the feather and ink

Into a beautiful world he wants to sink


The poet keeps her alive on his paper

He curses every day the one who take her

The poet makes love with her in his poem

He barely writes with his heart broken


The poet writes and enjoys in alcoholic drink

His sanity is on the brink

The poet finishes his work

He leans in his chair and holds a wine cork


Another poem is over

The poet hopes he won’t get sober

He would be dead rather

While on the old rooftop more ravens gather

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