The Dwarfs Of Karak Garnar has held the forces of Chaos at bay for five thousand years. The hold was once open to outsiders but soon cut all contact with the holds motherland Kislev, The Empire and all trader`s in order to focus mainly on the art of war. But a dark enemy approach not with force but cunning. Will the Dwarfs hold against the coming darkness or will the very emotion the dwarfs consider themselves above cause their downfall. For nobody is safe from lust.

Read please:Me rambling. But read this for it contains impotent info on the story and giving full credit to the makers and owners wonderful Warhammer world and the picture.
This story is set in the world of Warhammer created by Games workshop. All characters i have made and most locations are of my own making however names such as the Empire and Kislev remain. All writing here is my own but the world itself is a heavily modified Warhammer world. I will never sell this or publish it for money. Again i can not express enough this story is mine but the world itself is from games workshop. For example if you do a lord of the rings story based on a random hobbit but have your own locations and characters this would be the same. If GW or Booksie request it i will take this down right away. I just know the world so well and i wanted to make a free story for the enjoyment of others. This will never be official and is just a fan project. If i make money i would be sued and banned and maybe worst so i will not at all even talk about attempting it. I used Warhammer as a sandbox and made so many different things at the end of the day i still used the Warhammer world. So keep that in mind. If you see that this as a problem please contact me with good reason and this will be taken down. You can take this story if you want but give credit to me and GW and if you try to sell it than well i really do hope GW catches you. Enjoy the story but think of it as what it is, a fan inspired Warhammer story. I do this for my own enjoyment of the series and writing and for the enjoyment i hope it gives everyone. I love Warhammer with all my heart and i want to show people how wonderful the world is but.... I can not do that so don`t read this then think this is one hundred percent how Warhammer really is. This is a fan made story and i suggest reading official content first then if you enjoy it come back and read just for fun. Finally all credit for the picture can go to GW and the post about Total war Warhammer.

Table of Contents

Prolouge- Year 1200 Empire time

  I looked upon the mighty Dwarf hold and knew i could crack it open. Where so many other`s failed Zura The Mighty would succed.... Read Chapter

Indim Ironboar`s discovery

"I hate snow. Snow is almost as bad as an elf." I look back with a smile. "You say that same thing everytime you don`t like anything ... Read Chapter

Legends of Garnar- thousands of years ago in war of vegence

Garnars first king Lingdon Giantboot swung his mighty rune covered warhammer at a elf. His oath to his people was the same from the day t... Read Chapter

Indims Change

Indim watched in anger as his Father Godim and the Runepriest Vagnar fought over the dwarf womens fate. The king said they should help he... Read Chapter

Lingdons return

Warlord Zura Watched the dwarf hold and waited. Soon he told himself. Soon he would do what no warlord has done before. He would break... Read Chapter

Karak Garnar`s corruption

I looked upon the the dwarf women i now know to be Urika a priestess from the distant hold of Karak Var. She is beautiful but the words s... Read Chapter

The Start Of The End

Vagnar walked into the room of Urika after young Indim left. Behind him came his apprentice Ruga and the only ten rangers of the hol... Read Chapter

Lingdon Stone Heart

General Karl Jan of the Imperial army looked upon the army before him. When Lingdon First spoke to the Emperor Karl Franz people thought ... Read Chapter

Indim`s fall from grace

I marched up the steps to the throne room with four dozen dwarf warriors behind me. I coulden`t find Ironsword but i knew he would be her... Read Chapter


Most of the dwarfs who manned the walls were heading to arrest Indims supporters or to make sure the king is alright. This left the walls... Read Chapter

Karak Garnar`s fall

Urika reached the king and with a swing of her arm cut the kings head off. But i did not feel sadness as she did it. I just felt the need... Read Chapter

The Enternal War

Chapter 11 and end of story. Might delete this and add more. But for now this is the end Read Chapter