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Submitted: September 06, 2017

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Submitted: September 06, 2017



Meet Katy, she was born in London; she is young and enjoys doing what all her friends do. Often though people she doesn't know shout at her and tell her she can't play or visit areas. She is confused. 

One day her parents who were both born in London to London born parents look scared and worried while they are panicky packing some belongings up, her mother shouts to her in a rushed scared tone "Katy, quick, get some clothes in your bag! Quick! Hurry!".

They leave their house in a rush, leaving all their belongings behind in the house she has lived in all her life. Being partly dragged by her parents, she sees a house few doors up from their home being set alight by an angry group of people. 

Seeing flames dancing from the windows of the houses, black smoke rising, darkening the sky. The street full friends and people she recognises from their street, running holding bin bags with what looks like clothes in, tears running down their faces, screaming at their loved ones in despair and desperation.

They all run in the opposite direction; Feeling scared and worried, tears running down Katy's face, she looks back and sees men throwing rocks and torches at their house. 

They get a safe distance from their neighbourhood, and Katy pleads with her mother desperately asking her mother why the people were burning houses. Her mother replies "They don't like our people, sweetie.  They don't want us living here anymore".

Katy looks at her mother, her scared expression. Katy feeling worried and confused having lived there all her life, asks, "why though mummy?".

Her mother explained that although they have lived there a long time as did her parents and her grandparents, these people want to live here instead and want the area for themselves. Katy asks her mum if the police could help, her mother replies "The people attacking the houses were the police."

They are alone, unwanted, scared. Nowhere to go, they walk with their neighbours seeking somewhere safe, but, who wants them?


The above is a fictitious story, seems unreal and crazy, right? however it's one that echoes a very true situation in Myanmar, the Rohingya community has been living in Arakan province for generations, yet, Myanmar does not recognise them as citizens. Years of violence and attacks have to lead to hundreds of thousands displaced, the UN stating that the Rohingya is one of the most marginalised communities in the world.

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