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things we learn from life ..correct me if iam wrong ...

Submitted: January 23, 2009

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Submitted: January 23, 2009



The other day the teacher gave us a text containing topics about things we learn from life and he wanted us to tell him what we think about each idea and to correct it  if we thought its wrong so i decided to tell you what  the text containied:

1-No matter how much people hurt us and betray us , the one that are able to hurt us the most is our families.(  i think it is true because we get used on people betraying us , but it's like your family is the only thing you can rely on and be sure it is gonna be there for you but when they do things that are the least expected to be done by your parents you'll be realy hurt ).

2- Love exist in many forms , the kind of love you feel toward your family , frinds , and your boyfriend or husband .

but in the end love is when you respect the person you love , treat him the best you can and try the best not to hurt him . But uptill now knows how to know  your true love ...

3- We always meet new friends , few friends become our friends , too many of our friends hurt us and stab us in the back .Good friends hard to find.

4- Few people know who to treat people , an d have high values and manners .

There were other topics too , but i forget them when i get the test back ill write them.

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