The Sad Crow

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This is a story about a crow who unusually got sad about his bad looks.... met with an incident and learn some great lesson.

A short Story. This is the story I read somewhere, But I am putting in my words. The original story was only in 100 words approx. I am not trying to take credit. The credit goes to the writer, whose name I don't remember.

Submitted: February 13, 2015

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Submitted: February 13, 2015



Once there was a crow….lived in forest wandering tree to tree in search of food and shelter. He spent his day moving places, flying as high as he can in the sky and watching other animals surviving in the forest. Everything was normal in his life. Usually he had positive attitude about everything, never thought about any bad aspects of life. Felt all right with his group of  friends and few enemies too.


One morning he was sitting on a tree-branch after eating some food, looking at the nature’s creation. The blue sky filled with the golden rays of rising Sun, the green trees of the dense forest, beautiful colored flowers, the cold breeze of fresh morning air, and suddenly he had his eyes on a pigeon sitting on another tree close to him…


Suddenly a thought arose in his head…he said to himself that the pigeon looks better than him.

Unlike the pigeon he is very dark in color. In fact he looks bad. The pigeon is more beautiful but not him. Seems like he was one of  the ugliest looking bird in the forest(he thought).…instead the pigeon is much handsome and attractive. Too much hurt with his God-given bad appearance, he began feeling unpleasant about himself…Full of bad emotions he thought how positive a more beautiful being would be feeling about himself….How glad  he would be about his beauty.


Looking at the pigeon he decided to talk to him. A question agitated his mind. He took a short flight and landed right next to the pigeon. With the feelings of low self-esteem he asked how he(the pigeon) felt about his good looks.


Crow : God has created you more beautiful and handsome than me, you must be feeling proud about it.


Pigeon answered : Though to live this life happily one needs a lot more than just the beauty. Even I felt like this someday in the past, but when I saw a heron I changed my mind. When you find a heron you will come to know that the heron is more prettier than me. You should go and talk to him.


Surprised by the pigeon’s words, the crow left the tree and flew high in the sky to find the heron and kept searching for him. Today he was determined, was not willing to withdraw from the quest. Soon he found out the heron in a farmland. He noticed the glowing white feathers of the heron, and felt shy about himself. Swiftly he approached the heron, started talking to him. He asked the same question from the heron.


Crow :  (With sad tone of voice) I was talking to pigeon. He told me about your beauty. I have to admit, he was speaking the truth. You might have feelings of proud about your looks. But the Heron told him the same thing.


Heron : Its not the beauty or appearance that counts, it’s the sense of tranquility and peace that one needs to have in his mind and soul. Your freedom in your life is the most precious achievement you can have. Freedom from troubles and from any boundaries.  But if you insist on beauty than you can go and have a look at Parrot. He is actually more handsome than me.


For crow this was the day of surprises. He left the heron and began searching for the parrot. Inspired by the words of Heron, he was excited to meet the Parrot. He found the parrot screeching on a tree far away at a lovely place near the waterfall. Parrot was talking to one of his friend when all of a sudden he was interrupted by the crow.

Crow: Looking at you I can say the heron was right. You look more beautiful than all of us. Pigeon, Heron and Especially me. With this beautiful green color feathers and red neck band, you look too handsome. The crow asked the same question – You might be feeling proud of yourself. Because God has created more good looking than us. How do you feel about it.


Again the parrot, told that the crows point of view of life is totally wrong. To look good or bad is in the hands of God (the Mother nature). But it is in our might to live this life happily with no worries and questions. And being beautiful or good looking can never be only reason to be happy and be proud of. You should go and meet the Peacock. He is one of the most beautiful bird in the whole forest. He will tell you the truth, not the one you are asking but the one you need to know.


Unlike the usual life the crow has lived yet, this day has brought a series of wonders in his life, which he was unable to grasp. Again his search began and he flew high in the sky to find out the peacock. He searched him every where, and to his amusement he couldn’t find the peacock in the whole forest. He was confused, too much overloaded with the thoughts in his mind. He decided to ask other animals and birds. He asked every where and all of them told they didn’t saw the peacock for a long time. Nobody could tell where he is. But he kept searching and asking all the birds and animals. Then he met a deer and asked him if he know about the peacock.

Deer told the peacock has been captured by the hunters and has been taken to a zoo. Where he resides. You can go meet him there. The crow left the whole forest and flew towards the city where deer told he will find the zoo. After flying for few miles he reached the zoo and like other animals found the peacock in a cage.

The crow was too crazy and curious too talk to the peacock he didn’t noticed anything and went straight to talk to him. The peacock was a real beauty. His attractive eyes, shiny blue neck, colorful feathers, the nature created art on each feather. Every thing about the peacock was so divine. He felt shy and inferior in front of him. He summoned up some courage and told the peacock. How today he has found the most beautiful bird among all.

Crow: God has created you so heavenly attractive and beautiful. I wish even I was somewhat as good looking like you. I am sure , you might be feeling great about yourself and your appearance. You are too fortunate. You look better than all of the birds. You have Gods grace upon you.

Peacock heard every single word of crow and to the crows amazement, the peacock began shedding tears from his eyes. The peacock was weeping silently. The crow couldn’t understand what’s wrong he did. Crow’s mind filled up with questions. What could be the reason behind his misery. Why the peacock was hurt. Why the peacock was in such pain.

Then the peacock spoke up. He said, the reason for my pain is my own beauty. If I was not as beautiful as I am right now, the hunters wouldn’t have captured me and locked me into this small cage. This is not life. Instead it is a prison that I am forced to live in. I got no freedom.

So you should be proud of your own life and the freedom you have to live your life anywhere, do anything you want to do instead of living in a small cage. You live your life the way you want. But I am not free to roam into the forest, enjoy the life full of adventure and amusement that you live in the forest.

The crow got sad again but this time not for himself. He felt pity for the peacock. Peacocks words opened his eyes. The crow came to know the real message. The one he needed to know. He came to know how he already has everything that he needs to have. Not the beauty but the freedom to enjoy the beauty the mother earth has created. He left the zoo, with a new vision for his life.



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