book of shadow- chap 1 :Lily the red devil

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Submitted: October 14, 2018

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Submitted: October 14, 2018



10-14-18 creative writing –


Book of Shadows – Chap 1 : Lily, the Red Devil




there was once a woman who was a hopeless romantic, waiting for her prince to come to bring her roses like in the movies, and marry her. But sadly that event will never come nor came. 


She love the color red but she was afraid to wear that color because it attracted alot of attention and not many women wear elegant dress in her modern city but only through parties and special occasions which was the modern stigma.  And men that approached her were stereotypical men who are generally to be assume faithless, or which he believed. Soon, she began to have an excuse saying ‘this must be destiny or fate’ that love cannot be found.’ And she began to accept that reality.



She sat along with her co-workers waiting for a customer to come into the door. Pretending to smile and greet the customers.


“How are you… what can I get you… thank you… come again,” said Lily, trying to put on the same smile every day.


“ Lily, you look pretty in this new red dress,” said a female co-worker.


“ Why, thank you,” said Lily, smiling.


“ I see you are a devil today, for Halloween, cute horns and tail,”
 said the co-worker.


“ Why thank you,” said Lily, smiling.

“ You look so pretty in Red,” said the co-worker.


“ Why thank you,” said Lily, smiling. It was her first experience of obtaining honest compliments in her whole life without being flirted or rude gestures. But soon from one friendly happy emotion became 180 degree tuned around.


“ Lily, check that guy out, that guy look so ugly,” said the female co-worker.


“ Yeah,” said Lily.


“ Lily, check out that co-worker, she is a total slut, showing her cleavage wide open,” said the co-worker.


“Yeah,” said Lily.


“ Check out this snob, he is such a douchebag,” said the co-worker.


“ Yeah,” said Lily. Each time Lily’s co-worker made an evil condemning gesture, consistent and repeatedly, Lily kept on agreeing, and each agreement her eyes were glowing red, brighter and brighter.  And ever since that night, Lily became emotionless and heartless, fill with hatred for everyone and each time a customer came she will wish for death amongst them. And at that hour and night, around that workplace, a high crime and homicide rate takes place in that area: thievery, adultery, infidelity, and murder. But also something strange and unusual took place, a red devil-like spirit came out of Lily, like it became her guardian angel or rather a demoness, with a ghoulish laughter like it was ready to torment unfortunate souls.


“I don’t feel so sad now,” said Lily. “Even if I never receive roses or a prince, I like seeing these people in pain.”


“ Aww, Lily,” said the co-worker in black, and she kissed Lily.

“Nice black hat, its cute with those cat ears,” said Lily, smiling. Her red eyes were dimming.  

“Thanks, I am a cat for Halloween,” said the co-worker.


And so the Red Devil and her co-worker became a close companion. Helping each other if there was an argument between other co-workers or even against the manager, they were not afraid to speak there mind, and does not like to submit to men without reason. And night came, they got paid and same dark satanic events opened up again, turn positive people into negative and negative to more worse state. There business continued to survive but not a whole lot, like a parasite living off its host. The red demon matured each and every day like from a flying baby red devilish bat into a full adult human, with its own suit and tie, seductive and wicked. The other co-workers did not had no spirit nor guardian angel like but only Lily.


“My little Lily, who do you hate tonight,” whispered the red demon spirit. Lily cannot hear her but can only feel its presence like an empath or telepathic.  Lily looked at the window, and lit up a cigarette. She saw a sweet couple holding hands, with roses. Lily’s eye twitched and there was a small tear. Red Demoness looked at her and snap her fingers. And suddenly another woman came out, and accused him of cheating and the couples argued each other and the roses washed away in the rain.



“Lily. Do you think we going to have a lot of customers today,” said Catwoman.  And the red demoness looked and knew what Lily wanted and she snapped her fingers and many customers came.


“Lily, do you think we have enough beer,” said Cat. And Red Demoness snap her finger again.


“ Lily, that helpless beggar looks hungry do you think we should help him,” said Cat.  Red Demoness stared at Lily.


“ Nah,” smiled Lily.


“ Ha Ha Ha,” laughed Cat.



end chap 1  


© Copyright 2019 Daniel Wren Chung . All rights reserved.

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