Philosophy - what is love? Positive or negative

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Philosophy 9/18/16

What is negative love? It is the Joker and Harley Quinn love relationship.

Negative love is you enter into a relationship out of self-deception, you have greater control but soon will be under hers, a form of dominance and submissive. You decided to love someone that you don't love, a self deception relationship. It means she loves you but you don't love her, in the beginning, but you decided to give her a try so you gave her your devotion and loyalty. 

Within those lines of passion she enters a deep bliss however you enter into a deep pain. As this unseen pain continues to grow, she is happy so happy that she does not want to let you go, she becomes paranoid and she sends test after test and finally you are frustrated and she becomes paranoid and becomes more suspicious and with added misunderstandings and conflicts.

This dark love devotion and suspicion 
has turned you upside down with madness, and if this paranoid continue you will died with your love, throwing yourself and her off the mountain.

This is the suicide girl, this is the suicide squad. It was meant to be separated, without honesty and trust, one continues to live a lie. Negative love. It can be corrected, with continued honesty without fear , trust may blossomed.


9/18/16 philosophy 

What is positive love? It is the Paris and Helen of Troy relationship.

It is when both of you love each other, but this time you love her not knowing she loves you actuality, because one does not know what is love. Since you love her this also means other men will also see her enchanting, you yourself don't want to lose her so therefore you contend for her. 

With such a bewitching woman, she may even inspire you to go to great heights, or she may even poison you and take all your strengths away not even knowing. Now, when all the men fight each other she will one day make a conclusion, who is the right one for her loyalty, and love. 

One may ask if a relationship has conflicts why go in the first place? 
As nothing is certain, love is the prize, it is common to fight for it and not be given. I suppose sheer determination and persistence is the right words, it exercises these virtues in order for one to go beyond.  

Without this exercise one does not know love actually is, as God needs to contend with other gods to win the hearts of men, so a devoted priest must win the heart of God, which how heroes and martyrs live.

is there another kind of love? 
There is a possible chance there is a love that is called the golden mean love. But this answer only comes about when the woman fail to choose you the positive love. Which means you live for the moment and there is no such thing as positive love, but a momentarily contentment, which gives birth lies and truth live together in harmony, neither complete happiness nor complete sadness.

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