His Basement

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My first short story, has many twists and turns, leaves a lot of space for imagination, it is about this boy and his best friend, and turns out that he didn't really know his friend at all. What he discovers will shock us all.

Submitted: October 19, 2012

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Submitted: October 19, 2012




The Basement
Today was different. I was more conscientious than ever. Before school Adam and I had met up and talked about the normal stuff, well not normal, but normal to us. It usually had to do with either our world possibly ending in 2012, or how excited we were since we had just gotten our permits and were hitting the roads for the first time. I was startled by his halotosis this morning. I have never smelled such rank breath. It couldn't have been from not brushing his teeth, because the smell was much worse. It was as if he had brushed his teeth with a toothbrush that had just been sprayed by a skunk.
Adam and I go way back. He wasn't very louse despite being ostracized by most of the school. Adam has always wanted to fit in, but at the very least tolerated by his peers. He was quiet, secretive, and a pacifist. Also, everytime I had gone over his house, his parents had seemed as if something was amiss, and on top of that, he never let me anywhere near his basement, if i even so much as mentioned it he would immediately change the subject.
School had just let out and we had decided to hangout at Adam's house. We always do things on fridays because it is the only day of the week our parents would let us hang out, not including weekends. I always seemed in qualms of his house, but today more than ever. It had this unforgettable putrid smell to it, and now that I think about it, it was exactly how Adam had smelled this morning but definitely more intensified. Adam had rushed up to me and it was obvious he was excited about something. He beckoned me towards his basement door. I was overwhelmed with entusiam and curiosity as i approached the door. I stepped on the stairs and within the first few steps I could almost hear a moan coming from every individual step as i placed my worn out shoes on them. The same evil, disgusting smell from before had started to take me over. Almost to the point where it was unbearable. I was halfway down the stairs and if I ducked I could see the entire basement. I glanced around the room, it was empty. All but a wooden table with a blue stitched blanket covering it, something was under the blanket, I asked him what it was and he walked me to it. The smell once again intesified as the sweat poored down my palms. Guesses were flying in and out of my head as to what it could be. Part of me was scared to find out because of the anxiety that had invaded my body. He quickly in one motion expelled the cover and what i saw frightened me. I looked up with a face of disgust, anger, sorrow, and surprise. When I glanced at my old boon he was wearing his face of endearment. He seemed unscrupulous more than anything. This wasn't my old boon, this was some sadistic person whom of which I wanted nothing to do with, nothing was making any sense. I was frozen in shock, I wanted to run, but I couldn't move. I eventually stumbled my way towards the door when i stepped on a loose floor board. Adam unleashed a nervous cry. I looked down and at first it had appeared to be nothing but as i looked closer I saw... I saw... I'm sorry, I can't remember anymore. Officer Roderick took a deep breath in and said thank you, if you can remember anything else, please let us know, it will help us further investigate the death of Adam Pervoice.

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