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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

This is a true story of how i felt a few years back, and i just spent a couple hours with it in my mind, so i wrote this poem! its my second ever poem, so Lol-Fail and all that! Hope you like it!
I got some help from smallggal!!!


How can i put it nicely
It's the way i need to rebel.
The way you look at me puts me
Under your evil spells
I'm breaking free of these chains
The ones that hold me down.
And when i finally get out of here
I'll throw you to the ground
I'll pin you to the floor 
Just to tell you my hearts emotion.
If only i werent over here
Whilst you seem across an ocean 
I know your not that far away
But microwaves can travel miles.
So i break the bonds my mind has set
And get ready for my trials.
In the beginning im typing slow,
Weary of my fingers
But as they tap, tap, tap away
I'll stare straight in the face of danger
Although im sitting over here
And your not that far away.
I cant talk to you but face to face
But i dont want to be M.I.A
So faster i get, accelerating now
It's no wonder i feel giddy
Because of these words, racing around
I'm struggling to make sure im winning.
My fingers stop, theyve had enough
And my mind is set at ease.
All thats left there for me now,
To press one tiny key
The button labelled send is the one in my way,
I dont even want to think.
But without pause or need to wait
I didnt even blink.
The button clicks and brings up a note
It tells me 'Message Sent' 
And now i wait til you receive 
The things that i have said.
I know youve read it, felt it inside
And its bounced around your heart. 
But what you thought, sensed, breathed back
Is out of my control, i cant even start
It returns, with a buzz, 
It returns with a shout
It returns with your name,
But what is it about.
I open the new message,
The screen goes ghostly white,
I'm blinded by the feelings
Of your emotions that are so bright.
My eyes speed over quickly
There's nothing i can do
If i stopped myself from doing this
It wouldnt be as true.
Your words are like bullets,
Each letter a tiny pain.
They hit me, like a wall it comes
And im feeling all the blame.
The agony is over,
My eyes stop their sweep.
And even though i read no more
I'm still under lock and key.
I've tried to break out, believe me,
The chains are still too strong.
So please will you release me,
I only mean no harm.

Submitted: April 03, 2012

© Copyright 2022 daniel96. All rights reserved.

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