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This poem is about the relationship btween the way roses are beautiful and delicate but can be hurtful and die without reason but show so many hidden emotions the same way people love someone but hurt someway end up hurting them, hiding things, and mistreating them until they lose it and can't get it back or revive the love there once was.

Submitted: July 11, 2010

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Submitted: July 11, 2010





Roses are beautiful and delicate
but have thorns that make us bleed
Same as the love of our lives
that leave our hearts broken and
bleeding without a reason
We can take care of them
with all the love we can have
But sooner or later
it will die the same way our
faith and love for others do
Our heart is just like a rose
If u don't take care of it enough
it will die and fade away
Roses bring love and happiness
but also sorrow and disappointment
We might not understand it
but a rose can mean
more than a million words
It can show the deepest feelings
that cannot be expressed in words or actions
Taking care of a simple rose
given by someone special
means more than what can be
shown, said, and expressed
We all love something in our lives
but a rose means much more
than any love we can feel

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