Humanity needs

A collection of poetry from 14-41 years old
Daniel Bollag
Chasing paper publications
Planet Earth
Artists Edition print
Copyright © 2009
ISBN 978-0-578-01440-1
Chasing paper publications
4475 Meadowlark lane
Santa Barbara California 93105
Printed in the United States of America
May 2009
Thank you to everyone in helping me with this book. Thank you for taking the time to read these pages. They are only opinions, feelings and reflections. They are not real except to me and now, maybe to you. It really has been a long road to this point. I started writing when I was 10 or 11 years old. I am happy to have kept every scratch of paper and every napkin I ever wrote on. About 90% of the poems survived. Most of these poems have not been revised from their original flow. Nothing has been censored. I love you for just opening the book. I dedicate this book of poetry to my wife and 3 beautiful children. I would also like to thank my father and mother .
Daniel Bollag
Beware this book may contain rhymes!
god and politics
i am a Jew
Neither more nor less than you
We were slaves too
Our women raped by the Romans
Our leader crucified in our home land
There is too much blood on everyone’s hands
Innocent families dragged from their homes
Someone sets fire to everything you own
People stuffed like animals into cattle cars
Generations to be left with the battle scars
Somewhere showers reign vile, deadly gas on naked beautiful
Somewhere they march silently into those showers
to get clean and redeem some dignity.
Somewhere sons and daughters
are slaughtered
Their blood soaks through their mother’s hands
Somewhere that grieving mother is held down
ripped into and sodomized by the man
Somewhere her bones will be used as lamp stands
Somewhere science has full compliance
of the present regime that allows a man
to become an amputee in order to see
how long it will take him to bleed to death.
Somewhere millions of people are learning
to come to terms with taking their last breath
Their flesh used for soap
Somewhere a proud people still do not lose hope
i am the presence before the storm
i am a tornado trying to contain it’s form
i am the wave as it breaks to a calm
i am the split moment before the dawn
i am to this Earth, born
i am to myself, torn
i am no man’s pawn
i am the essence of what i understand
i am no sacrificial lamb
i am a people you call Jew
i am like an atom split in two
i am you, man
Like 6,000,000
Like all the new orphans
Like the absence of coffins
They came for the Jews
Now they are coming for you
They are coming for everyone
 American addiction
Oil is blood
Blood is oil
Watch close as the snake begins to coil.
Our greatest enemy is the messiah
Pick a messiah any messiah
The Jews, the Christians and the Muslims have one
Someone is wrong
Oil is blood
Blood is oil
We gather the fruit, only to watch it spoil
We would rather take our guns and shoot then retire
We set fires
where there is calm
We need a race for compassion
not an arms race for bombs
We need to be strong
Someone is wrong
Oil is blood
Blood is oil
We live 80 years, we work and we toil
We waste our lives on money, power or trying to survive
There is no man who is the last man to get out alive
We are all in this together
We must weather the storm
We waste our energy on fighting for the corpse of the extinct
We pace our humanity so fast, no one even has time to think
What is the cost?
How many lives must be lost
before we give the gift of labeling mass murder a holocaust?
I guess the world will never learn from their mistakes
I guess the world leaders can sleep at night and be fake
I guess as a Jew I shouldn’t care about babies boiled in hot oil
in front of  their mothers
I guess it’s irrelevant that similar others killed 6,000,000
of my brothers.
I guess starvation, genocide and ethnic cleansing doesn’t matter
I guess the only important thing is whether Yeltsin and Clinton get fatter
I suppose if a tree falls in the forest but no one hears it, then
it’s not a sin
I suppose that if we ignore murder it doesn’t matter if humans die; men
women and children
How can we do this my friend?
How can we repeat history once again?
How can we sit somber sipping cappuccino
While holes are drilled in live mothers
While their babies are posted on the tips of the drills
While the child’s blood spills onto the still live mother
We should all be ashamed!
We remain, in our silent sadistic superior cities
while men women and children must endure these atrocities
Need I remind you
that they will come for you too
and then what are you going to do…
It’s not about
speaking the same language
It is about sharing the
same anguish
Our flag drenched in kerosene
flies bleeding fire and dreams
A river of flames flow freely
in the July 4th breeze.
Stars rain, exploding above our heads.
We bury the last dove fore she is presumed dead:
Her blood is red
Her wings white
and her eyes, her
eyes are
the political policy of stopping ethnic cleansing
when it becomes inconvenient, is obscene
To most of us genocide as a real and on going thing
is still just a far off bad dream
America I’ve seen your silent sacred wars
I live by your impotent laws
I saw,
I saw the blood of my brothers and sisters drip from your claws
your children will not inherit you
Too much blood on your hands
of the free home of the slave
what is it you crave?
America you are over 400 years old
and you still can’t behave
it has been many lifetimes
since I’ve seen a pure native American around
And I believe the worst has happened
without anybody making a sound
We must first find god’s clit
before we can suck on it
The bible, the torah and the holy Koran
These are all Books written by man
The bible, the torah and the holy Koran
These are all Books written by man
The bible, The torah The holy koran, these are just books written by Obsessive Compulsive men
These men would hate what lies within their own grave
If they only knew about their books and how they made us all slaves
The bible the torah the holy Koran
These are all books written by man
Paper and ink
They rape us to make us think
we are at the brink
We stand on the shoulders of giants
We stand on the shoulders of an ostrich
With our heads buried in the sand
We are man
bible is liable
If you wish to watch me bleed, at least watch me
I too have needs
Humanity hides under a rock
bent over backward trying to suck it’s own cock
Isn’t it odd
You pray to god
Machine gun in hand
Listening to your I Pod
I don’t understand
Sheep asleep in a deep state of sanity
2 roads diverged in the woods
I took this one
I have a daughter and 2 sons
Even a quiet revolution is indeed a revolution
What comes first the revolution or the solution
How do we induce evolution at a faster pace
How can we change
when we don’t recognize the eyes on our own face?
How can mankind save the human race
Politics and religion are about getting
your market share
of fear
Organized religion kills with such ease
Religion is a disease
How many children will be martyrs
How many souls must be slaughtered
Osama dropped a bomb on a
Bin Laden
killed women and children
So in this America we are behind you
But for all your sins America we will remind you
10 little Indians decide not to be
10 little Indians ask god to be free
Being a martyr, I find it much harder to live sometimes
We live we die
We are given wings
We are not given the chance to learn how to fly
The men who brought down
the twin towers
were cowards
They had no power
only a shameful final hour
They have no legacy
With blood on their arms legs and knees
they bow before god
How incredibly odd
I climb the vine
I call my spine
I peel the rind
from the fruit of my mind
It is legal here
It is legal there
But not in between
Don’t cross the imaginary line no matter what!
We are in a state of war
How many days must pass
before we are ready to ask,
will there be more?
How can we ignore the signs
The terrorists brought the battle to our shore
They raped us of our peace of mind
They left us feeling deaf dumb and blind
I will never understand the strange ways of god or man
But like a grain of sand I am a part of this land
I am fragile and I am weak
I’m scared, I’m scared for my wife
I am scared for my two children
I am scared for my life
because I am a child
It is time I looked in the mirror
Somehow collectively I have also been breeding this awful hate
that we have seen of late
We still have the right to our peace of mind
We still have the pleasure we can find
in each other, in our lovers, mothers, father and brothers
We will recover
There is no other choice
There can be no other voice
I don’t know if you knew
Jesus was a Jew
I am a man
not a sacrificial lamb
I do not understand
the ways of God or
Entrenched in circles
I am a mercury poisoned Hercules
Only a coward would not step up
against the current powers
Only a coward would not step up
in this most desperate and crucial hour
I do not understand the ways of God or man,
I am puzzled by the dark ages
All the blood and torture
summarized in a couple of pages
In a history book written by the biggest crooks
There was God in the Garden
I saw the crack of
her ass and my
dick began
to harden
Prophets trying to make a profit
Prophecies self-created on bodies mutilated
Brother can you spare a dime
Lover may I have a little peace of mind
Prophets trying to make a profit
Prophecies self-created on bodies mutilated
Stolen souls like commodities sold
So much trouble created
by little hungry people with appetites that cannot be fed
People who have no idea in what deep waters they tread
Brother can you spare a dime
Lover may I have a little peace of mind
They say this is all random
Humanity in fear of the Apocalypse stands dumb
I know the world is mad at Jewish people
I know it is because so many people are suffering
Everybody is trying to get a little something for themselves
I for one as a Jew feel totally connected with you
I know that if one man is without then I do not have
I know if one man is starving then so am I
I do not want any more humans to die
not white, black, Jew or anybody else from Palestine
It is time we open up our mind
Mannequin, Man a kin to what?
Refusing to ride the treadmill except for 8 hours a day
For the rest I will find a way
I believe that the messiah is here today
I believe that we can find a way
The Earth is the place of my birth
The soil is the sound of my soul
Like fruit spoiled on the ground
I have found the whole
How do I fill it
Should I take another hit
I’m sick of that shit
Maybe it’s time to do my bit
brothers killed
much too much blood spilled
Never Again
The end
 God come Home  - 1983
How long have we all strayed from home
How long I have waited while my self cries happiness
How many times have I stated happiness
in a camouflage of insecurity
in a position of the world made around me
How can the eagle soar
How can the bold lion roar in omniscient ignorance
While I must suffer the blessing of God’s given human intellect
Could it be that we are truly made in God’s image
Is then God also in search of his home
Has he as well strayed so far
from his inalienable right to his soul
Is this true in truth
Is this living in a pure sense
What a pity that we are all so lost
What a pity that we have all strayed so far from home
Don’t interpret my thoughts unless you have a dictionary to my mind
I find
that to live in one’s own mind
can be like being blind
I find that too much time
is spent on trying to survive
Not enough on being alive
Dead flowers stem from a seed
Who will lead?
Messiah I’m waiting, anticipating, masturbating
over when you will finally come
Liar, my faith is fading no ones aiding
Just Jehovah Witness persuading
Spanish inquisition, 1492
Because he was a Jew
Zaidi where are you?
God divvies it out in portions
Things turn out to be seen in distortion
You are told if you want more it is a sin
There are hidden passages
everywhere we turn
The only question is can we possibly, maybe Learn?
I am without cosmic reverence
I have seen many, many
flying giant pink elephants
I am a man
so it seems with range
I am not diametrically opposed
to change
I try to have a fair exchange
I even rearrange
when it’s necessary
I try not to eat the poison berry
until it is very very ripe
Sometimes my body feels a little
too tight. 
Sometimes my soul begins to
get light
Sometimes I take flight
Only the torso of God remains
after science has severed its
arms and legs.
Now what remains is an empty shell
A brief shadow of
an answer that we all believed in when we feared going to hell
Cigarettes dog shit dessert espresso and baguettes
Cigarettes dog shit dessert espresso and baguettes
Cigarettes dog shit dessert espresso and baguettes
Every day we work our way out of indentured debt
Every day I try to learn to forget
There are continents that need to be levitated. 
There are billions of minds that need to be elevated
How long have we waited
The gate is still shut
This hypocrisy that we call democracy is still corrupt and fucked up
There are religious implications
and celestial collisions
All in all they hurt
With mirrored shoes I looked up God’s skirt
I found no breasts no pussy either, only dirt
The milk had run dry
All the people just wanted a new lie or a new way to get high,
I did not.
What are the repercussions for touching
the button?
Will my big white ass protect me when
the walls come tumbling down
When Humpty Dumpty fell, did he make a sound? 
Who now will wear his crown?
When the years have gone by
and the numbers are not
whole or thought to have
some significance where a biblical prophecy will unfold
The bullshit will lose its grip hold
When profits stop making profit on the dance
We will all have a chance
America’s policy is
whatever does not effect commerce
does not affect or harm us
Israel is real
Today I woke up with the world balancing on my shoulders
Today I woke up to find things had gotten just a little colder
Today I found out my wings were fake and were not made to fly
Today I realized it is never too late to realize all my schooling is a lie
6 billion
6 billion feelings to consider
Will humanity weather this winter
of our own disconnect?
If we are not alone
will we still be cold and wet?
Will we agree to never be free?
We alone are magic
We along are the cause of
our own tragic
This is truly the hour of humanity’s discontent
If we survive this extinction level event,
maybe we can finally connect
You fucking liars!
We are in the generation of the messiah
The messiah is you and I.
They say it’s already over.
They say we are a part of Armageddon
That’s depends on us, man
Out of the rubble scratching his stubble
What is going on
1/3 of my people gone
1/3 of your biblical ancestry gone
What have we done
You say you are a friend
What have you done
to see that it never happens again
Unbeknownst to me
I have spent much of my time
sitting around a square tree
With all the concerns of the
world on my shoulders
Dying to hold her
I sold her last night
to the gypsies
I hope God skips me
Now the angels whip me
While Neptune slowly sips the
fucking sea
Where will I bathe now?
Where is my Tao?
I cannot explain the turmoil in the sky
Nor the stars in the heavens
Nor why the angels want to cry
when they were born to sing
If Love should conquer
will I then sing?
Mistaken identity
I do as an entity
Realized dreams
or just confused emotions
Like waves
in the ocean
The moment it breaks
is the only real
Chest breathing
Ancestors healing
Life times
Like spirals of centuries bound
Like my hands that are raw
from my ancestors
digging in the ground
There are many forests without trees
There are many but we are not in need
There is no seed
There seems to only be self motivated greed
I pledge a legion to the gag and to the divided states of America
and to the republicans for which it stands
One nation with hypocrisy and just is for all
May I sit
upon your
gaudy golden glamorous throne
May I taste the bittersweet blood that drips from your tender thorns
May I wed your wicked wife whilst she mourns
May I feed on the fetus of your first born
May I love you
The world is becoming a ghetto
Evil has grabbed humanity
by their vanity and  will not let go
Fuck you, you go to war
I will stay home with the woman and children
Fuck you, you go to war
I will mind the store
I will sweep the floor
2+2 often seem to add up to 4
Though the allure of being poor
seems to be pure assurance of being inside your…
Naked with my thoughts I am left to dream
Hidden in the deepest reaches of my mind
I find there are still many reasons to scream
I am an island tied into every branch
I will leave nothing to chance
Every time they slaughter the innocent
I am also in it
When one of us dies one must rise
I find nothing
Nothing but worthless king
You are a failure
You are no savior
You are like a bird unable to land
You are not a man
You are Bin Ladin
You are pure sin
Souls missing something
Such a sick sick sin
Where do we begin?
We begin with remembering
Justice just is
Locked out of heaven by my own accord
Though vengeance is not mine
I die by my own sword
laughter is just a sign of the times
Flag gag
For the love of god
For the hate of a hollow soul
For all the unrecognized pain
Beauty is no sin
The holy war is within
Pacifist kicking it
Without a raised fist
Lost forever
like my many spiraling ancestors
wound up from centuries of slavery and salvation
Lost forever
like all the flowers dancing in the reign
Lost like a child
I remain
drowning in the kings crown
So many schools
So many rules
So many unused tools
So many stubborn mules
playing the fool
Woman weeping
Satan sleeping
Cities swallow
Friends follow
wallowing in their hollow greed
Who will lead
in a time where our children bleed?
Life has no plot
We live we suffer and then we rot
What is the meaning of a dot
connected to no one?
A man who’s father bred no son
Feed the children and they will be
Seed the wilting sin and guilt
shall set you free
There is a call
for us to no longer stall
In Iraq the bodies
are stacked to the wall

Submitted: November 06, 2009

© Copyright 2023 danielbollag. All rights reserved.

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Mistress of Word Play

Okay I think this was really good. It took awhile to read them all, but I did it! You have a rather dry ironic sense about you. You made some excellent points and did it with a great flow and rhythm. I give you an I like it for all of it and say well done. Susan

Fri, November 6th, 2009 9:12pm

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