one by one

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a girl who goes through a lot of action horror and deaths stays strong and struggles to survive

Submitted: April 15, 2014

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Submitted: April 15, 2014



Daniel Diaz

It was like any old Friday night me, Mabel, Emily, Josh, Vanessa, and Shane were planning to go on a walk in the woods it was probably about 11:57PM there was a full moon so we could see pretty well but we still needed flashlights. Josh and Shane said they needed to take a bathroom break in some bushes. They told us not to wait for them so we left them one flashlight so we walked a head like five minutes near the exit. When we hear some rustling in some bushes Emily tells me to throw a rock at it. A raccoon appears and runs up the trees. Suddenly there was rustling behind us Emily runs out of breath for a while then we turn around. A masked man with a machete in one hand and a hook on the other. He starts laughing, he whispers

“Want to play a game of death”!

We all scream, we run as fast as we can. The man screams “

I’ll get each one of you one by one”.  

Vanessa trips we help her up and keep on going we see the gate “it’s closed”! We hear the man’s hook being scraped on the sidewalk. I give a boost to Emily, Vanessa, and Mabel when I climb up the gate the sound gets louder means he’s closer we don’t hesitate to take a breath after running. We keep on running. We go in an old gas station nearby and try to call the police but our phones don’t have signal and there was no phone in the gas station. We worry about Josh and Jane still in there alone and with a psycho murder in the woods.

Vanessa’s phone starts vibrating she picks up the phone and says “hello.”

Jane responds and says “where are you guys?”

Vanessa said “at a nearby gas station.”

She hangs up and suddenly the gas station door opens its Jane and Josh still alive. We explain what happened. Their reactions are blank then a second later it changed to shocked and scared. Later on we called our parents and went home. We tell them everything; they don’t believe us maybe because they had good times in those woods when they were young.

Saturday arrived I’m still shocked and a little depressed I try to call Mabel but she doesn’t answer but it’s not like her not to answer me we have a good friendship.

The next morning Mabel’s parents call my parents. This was really different considering my parents have never any calls from them before. My mom tells me with a shocked reaction that Mable has fallen into a deep depression and committed suicide. My eyes water, next thing you know I lose a friend and tears are bursting out of my eyes. I run out of breath and fall in my bed and immediately call Josh, Vanessa, Jane, and Emily.

They wouldn’t pick up I at least called them four times each but still wouldn’t pick up. I called Emily and finally she picked up. I told her what had happened to Mabel. She took a deep breath and form the sound of that she was probably going to cry. I told her I would meet her at school tomorrow and hung up.

So that’s my story I replied to Principal Mary. She looked at me like she didn’t believe me.

“I don’t believe any word you just said.” “Let me tell you something I'm onto you.”


“What?” “I’m telling you the truth I had nothing to do with Emily’s death today.”

She kept gazing at me with her beady eyes. I thought to myself who would do this to Emily she’s one of the nicest people in this rotten school. From that moment on I was determined to find out who did this to Emily and why? I was going to stop them!

I was looking for Vanessa, Josh and Jane. I found Vanessa crying in the hallway where Emily’s body was found this morning. I went up to her and said “how you doing.”

“Very bad” she responds.

“How can I help?” She doesn’t answer. I look at the floor you can still see Emily’s blood. When I saw her dead body with the five stabs I thought someone was after us. “Vanessa do you think that man from the woods is after us?”

“Maybe, he said he was going to kill us one by one so maybe one of us is next.”

“Maybe” I respond. “Be careful” I tell her. We both go to class. We met at the end of the day I told her I should walk her home if there’s any trouble. I walked her home carefully watching our surroundings and who was around us. I left her in the front door and told her to be careful and if there’s any problem that she could talk to me and I would help her out.

I went online and tried researching Detroit woods and nothing came up. I tried searching old scary stories in Detroit woods. Only one picture came up it was the man we saw at the woods. I tried looking for links only one but it was a website about a steel factory her in town. I called Vanessa she picked up immediately. Read her the article it says that a man named Gregory Martin was in a very unpleasant accident in the steel factory in 1987 he was accidentally sucked in the conveyer belt and his left arm was cut off and both of his feet were ripped out of his legs. And later that night the owner of the factory buried his body in Detroit woods! He did that so the word would spread around and he wouldn’t have to pay the charges for the penalty of bad working conditions and he would get shut down.  “Do you think he’s still mad that we trespassed he’s grave?”

“Maybe he still mad because his body wasn’t put in a good resting place or something it like that”

“You think we should warn the others?”

“Yes just in case, I don’t want more of my friends dying”

I tried calling Jane she answered and some deep voice appeared it was someone else. The first in my mind was I was too late to warn them. The deep voice started saying he’s almost done with his entire trespassers and he only had 3 more birdies to kill. I was shivering the voice was so intimidating and cold. He hung up and then I tried calling Josh since lately he’s been hanging out with Jane a lot. He doesn’t answer. I go running as fast as I can to Vanessa’s house and knock on her door, she opens and I took a deep breath.  “Jane’s in trouble the Gregory man answered her phone when I called her he said he was almost done killing his entire trespassers and he only has 3 left to finish!”

“What do you know where she is?”

“Maybe she’s in the park with Josh or something, let’s go check.”

"Okay let's go."

We take our bikes and pedal hard enough that it seems like we’re one a small fast  and you look in the picnic area.”

Vanessa runs and turns around scared and says “What if he’s there?”

“Scream for help and run away and be sure I’m with you.”Five minutes later and still haven’t found them. A very loud shriek came from the picnic area. I ran like I was being chased by wolves. It was Vanessa and Peter but something about his face didn’t look right. I realized it was a mask! I grabbed Vanessa and stepped back.

“What do you want Gregory?”

“Payback for all those years we were neglected by everyone.”

“We and what are you talking about?”

“Shut up Mark you should know?”

“Is it you Josh and Jane?”

“Yeah it’s us and this is the last time you’re going to see our faces because you’re going to die today both of you!”

“Try and you will wish you wouldn’t have done anything to our friends.”

I ran away with Vanessa and tried to contact the police but phones out of battery. I tried with Vanessa’s and it’s almost out of battery to.

“Hello police its Mark Cullen and Im being chased by two murd……rs……..

The battery dies and a bullet hits a tree and three more hit the ground. A intense feeling fills the air. We hide in the trees in the park garden. Vanessa is praying like the world was going to blow up. Tears ran down both our faces hoping we would make it. Footsteps echo behind us. We keep on running another bullet was shot this time it hit my leg all the air in my body felt like it was getting sucked out I could hardly breath and move. Vanessa carries me and hides me on top of a tree and tells me to be quiet, she has a plan. I see her get a stick and hide behind a tree without making a single noise. The echo gets closer and closer there right in front of us looking at the surroundings.

“Now.” I yelled. They turn around and crack the stick breaks in to josh’s face. Blood runs down his face he falls unconscious on the floor. Jane is shaking Josh and grabs the gun but before she does I fall on top of her, her neck cracks. She was dead but I didn’t know about Josh. We grab the gun and to a public area the cops are all around the park. We explain everything and they look at Jane’s dead body but they never found Josh’s body. The cops tell us that we would be protected 24/7 until he is found.

A couple of months later and they still haven’t found him. I forget about it and plan to have a regular life at school. I call Vanessa now my girlfriend and tell her that we should meet up at the park at school. I arrive at the park and five minutes late as usual Vanessa shows up. Suddenly Josh appears out of nowhere and with a rifle in his hand he shoots Vanessa in the back and starts laughing. I leave Vanessa on the floor I run up to him and punch his face as hard as I could and pushed him in the street and a minivan runs over him and I run back to Vanessa and check if she’s alive her pulse is very low so I scream for help.

Principal Mary runs up to me and calls the ambulance. I explain that it was Josh his body was still there he was bleeding and unable to move. They take him away and a few days later I get the news that he has passed away. Vanessa has been in a coma for the pasted week and hasn’t waked up yet. I visit her every day after school and talk to her and pretend she’s listening. Months pass and still hasn’t waked up yet I visit her at the end of school and the doctors are going in and out of her room they tell me she woke up! I go in her room and tell her the great news about Josh and Jane. And she doesn’t understand anything and she told me that she had no idea who I was. The doctor said when Josh shot her in the back there was a brutal pressure that build up in her brain that caused her to lose a lot of her memory and that she needs to be very careful about over thinking things or she could lose reason. I come and talk to her every day and try to help her remember things. 4 months passed and Vanessa reached to me and says Mark is they dead? I said yes they’re dead no more problems for us she hugs me and smiles at me and says


“thank you Mark shall we meet at the park today at school?”


“I say yes we should”



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