A New Start, A New Beggining

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This poem took me awhile to understand. I actually wrote this at work within a few minutes and the words sort of just flowed out of me. I believe it was God speaking, and after much studying i believe this poem is about Baptism.

Submitted: March 05, 2011

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Submitted: March 05, 2011



Flowing waters,

Oh so deep,

Sweep me away,

Into your crisp cool wake.


For when I burst through your shimmer,

My eyes will be opened,

Opened to a new beginning,

A new start.


I will stare in awe at the beauty before me,

Wondering how God imagined such perfection,

And in that moment of true bliss,

I will let you take over,

All of my worries washed away.


And with a touch of your Grace,

A whisper filled with Love,

And your ever lasting Glory,

I will serve you.


 By: Danielle Wilson

© Copyright 2018 Danielle Wilson. All rights reserved.

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A New Start, A New Beggining

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