Pill head

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Death will come for us all one day even if you dont know it. The wrold is a sad place you might think its happy, but let me tell u where we live in is fucked up!!!

Submitted: July 24, 2010

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Submitted: July 24, 2010



I sit in the dark.

The only place were i feel safe.

I sit in the dark so i wont see my face.

I sit the dark write my feelings down.

For all i care the bad people can burn down to the ground.

Cuts, blood all on the floor.

 The carpet is not white anymore.

It's red and powerdul filled with my feelings.

One drop of blood.

 I take pills to end the pain one, two, the whole thing.

I'll feel the same.

empty inside, no one to love.

I start to want more air.

It gets harder and harder to breath.

I crawl on the ground to save my life.

Then i realize all i needed was a simply pointy knife.

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