A MB Love Story

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Im writing a story about my fav group mindless behavior i really love them so i thought i would give it a shot

Submitted: January 07, 2012

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Submitted: January 07, 2012



Sasha: Nessa! Nessa!

(Sasha's Pov) If this girl doesnt wake up im going to throw water on her

(Vanessa wakes up and says) What do you want

Sasha: there having a mindless behavior contest on the radio. Whoever wins gets 4 free tickets to there show and backstage passes.

Vanessa: good luck trying to get them those are impossible to win(She sits up)

Sasha: its ringing

The radio station: Hello!!! You are the winner of this contest what is your name

(Yell's) Sasha

Vanessa: We won!!!!!

Sasha: OMG!!!

(Vanessa's Pov) I cant believe she won and i cant believe im going to see mindless behavior. This is the perfect chance to meet Roc Royal

(Sasha still on the phone) ok

Sasha: they said there going to send the tickets tomorrow 2 hours before the concert

Vanessa:Ok who are we going to take

Sasha: you pick someone you want to take and i'll do the same

Vanessa: Im so happy your my twin and noone else

Sasha: im gonna go call torri( Walks Down Stairs)

Vanessa: im gonna call franchesca

(Sasha gives her an are you serious? Look)

Vanessa: dont act like that you know she's my best friend.and its time that you two burry the hatchet ok

Sasha: whatever( keeps walking)

Torri and Sasha

Torri: hello( with a tired voice) Sasha: Torri its me Guess what?i won 4 tickets to the Mindless Behavior concert

Torri and Sasha: AHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Torri: your so lucky

Sasha : your lucky to cuz im bringing you with me

Torri: OMFG!!!! Thank you so much bestiie

Franchesca and Vanessa

Vanessa: girl me and sasha won 4 tickets to mindless behavior and were bringing you with us

Franchesca : really? OMG your best bestiee ever . But what about sasha?

Vanessa: you two have got to get over that it was a year ago .why cant yah just move on?

Franchesca: because what she was wrong

Vanessa : watever im not getting in the middle of it ok . But yah have to work this out . Ok but for now just be ready tomorrow at 6 the concert doesnt start till 7

Franchesca : alright

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