A MB Love Story part 2

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Whats gonna happen on the next day?

Submitted: January 07, 2012

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Submitted: January 07, 2012



(The next day)

Vanessa: hurry up sasha we have ten minutes before we have to leave.

(Vanessa's Pov) I wish she would hurry up its bad enough we have to pick up franchesca and torri.

( Sasha's Pov) me and vanessa are wearing the same thing a pink spaghetti strap with skinny jeans and some 3 inch heels and a nice jacket

( on their way to pick up franchesca and torri from franchesca's house) Sasha: i cant wait

Vanessa: i know me either ( interrupted ) Sasha were here ( she yells ) torri and the other one come down stairs. ( they all get in the car and are on their way to concert. They get their just before it starts )

( Vanessa and Sasha's mom said bye )

( After the Show) MB Pov) finally the show is over we just cant stop thinking about those girls

( Torri,Sasha,Vanessa,and Franchesca were walking to MB room )

Vanessa: who is going in first.( everyone was silent) fine ill go ( she started walking and twist the doorknob until she tripped in the doorway

Franchesca: vanessa are you ok ?

Vanessa : ( laughing ) embaressed but yeah im ok

( they both get up) hey!

Roc: are you ok ? Need to be carefull you cant mess up that beautiful face of yours

( blushing) Vanessa said thanx

(Ray Ray,'s pov) whoah who is that she is gorgeous .im gonna go introduce myself

Hii... Im Ray Ray Franchesca: im franchesca

Vanessa : Torri ,Sasha come in

Prodigy and Princton : we'll get them( they walk in to the hall way and alk they could do was stair)

( they all walk inside)

Roc: So you guys like the concert!!

Sasha: of course princton was lookin wild good dancing up there i was about to faint

( everyone laughed but Sasha) (princton was cheesing real big )so do you ladies want to come with us to go get some dinner) All the girls: sure!!!!!!

( they all got to place and sat and talked and got to know eachother more ) (Roc's Pov) mann i dnt want her to leave ,but she has to .im gonna get her number)

Roc: vanessa can have your number( he looks at her in hope)

Vanessa : sure

Princton: sasha can i have your number

Sasha: yes of course you can

( ray and Prodigy got franchesca and torri's number to

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