For The Love Of Two Brothers

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: War and Military  |  House: Booksie Classic
It is about two brothers that love each other more than anyone in the world, named John and Jack. Jack is the younger one and John is the eldest brother. They are very protective of each other. Jack protected John a lot more than John did to Jack because when their mother died it broke John about knowing that there is nothing left to live for, he was going to commit suicide but Jack wouldn't let him. He stopped him from doing it telling him that mother wouldn't want this to happen, he wouldn't want to see his own son kill himself and he remembered what their mother said to them 'When I die don't worry me. I don't want you to be sad or trying to kill yourself. Live your life, have kids and a good family. Don't let my death stop you from doing those wonderful things.'

If it wasn't for Jack it would also be John laying in the ground and not just their mother, Mary. In a week's time the first world war happens and Jack wants to join it. He wanted to have an adventure, he didn't want his mother's death to haunt him for the rest of his life. He was only sixteen when he joined even though the minimum age limit was eighteen. John knew deep down that this was a bad thing to do, but he didn't want to let his own brother die. It was something that he wouldn't be able to face. It would destroy him permanently.

Submitted: February 14, 2012

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Submitted: February 14, 2012






Two brothers named Jack and John were sitting peacefully in their home. It was a beautiful home; both of the brothers were dressed in their favourite black suits getting ready for their mother’s funeral. They were looking down at the floor, looking depressed and upset. They weren’t showing their emotion, it was coming from their heart. Both of the brothers were heartbroken, John was the most upset because he had known his mother a lot longer than Jack ever did.

John looked like that kind of man that does a lot of lifting; he had the arms of a builder and the hands of a bear. His hands were large, his lips were soft and his mouth was bone-dry. He had blue eyes that stuck out to the morning sky and short black hair. His breath smelt disgusting, like someone who hadn’t cleaned their teeth for at least a month.

Jack didn’t look nothing like a sixteen year old; quite frankly he looked much older than his elder brother. He had a nice clean face, no spots and soft eyes. He had brown eyes that suited his wavy black hair. He had a nice dimple smile and crystal white teeth. He looked nothing like his elder brother; he was much smaller than him. His brother was huge, but he was small. He wasn’t that smaller than his elder brother, only about a foot.

Jack was only sixteen when his mother, Mary died and John was twenty-one. John laid the palm of his hand against his mouth, whilst looking down at the ground thinking about his deceased mother. They were covered in completely black from their jacket to their shoes. There was no grey or white like most people do.

Mary was a lovely young woman that died of cancer at the age of forty-five. She would always walk around with her grey fur coat to keep her warmth. Mary knew she wasn’t getting any younger so she wanted to live with what life she had left. She had had cancer for several years, proximally three and carried on fighting every step of the way. The day of her death John was on his knees sobbing wondering ‘why her?’

He couldn’t cope with her death; he was at his desk where his typewriter lay and his collection of Shakespeare. He aimed a gun to his head and was about to commit suicide, but his brother stopped him from doing it, telling him to let go, that she is gone and there is no way of bringing her back. John thanked Jack after that day, for telling him that committing suicide doesn’t bring loved ones back, it just makes things worse.

Jack would always give John a nice friendly hug, telling him that it will be alright even though it won’t. Both brothers loved each other till the end and would always stick by each other’s side. They were like a married couple, always looking out for each other. So, what if they have a couple of arguments? Even though that they argue quite a couple of times doesn’t mean that they still don’t love each other and respect each other.

Jack would respect John more than John would respect Jack after the loss of their mother it broke John apart. He broke into tears the second his mother died and could not get that image out of his head. He just kept on remembering the day his mother died on her deathbed. John was happy that his mother died in her sleep rather than feeling the pain the moment right before death had reached her.

Her final words were ‘I always loved you two boys. You made my life happier everyday even with my cancer. I just want to tell you boys how proud of a mother I have been. Don’t worry about my death; don’t let it affect your life. Live your life, have children and a beautiful wife and look out for each other.’

Jack was too confused with her final words. He was too young to understand why her final words were about Jack and John, he finally realised that it was because she loved them both that much that her last memory was off Jack and John. John knew deep down that his mother was dying, but he could not accept the fact that she was really leaving them for good.

The saddest thing that concerned Jack was that John felt guilty of his mother’s death, like it was John’s fault that their mother had died, when it actually wasn’t. It was nobody’s fault, it was just natural. It happens every day to people, but most of them cannot accept the consequences of their own blood dying.

A family member is probably one of the hardest things to lose without a doubt. It leaves you heartless, empty and broken. It makes you feel that you have nothing left to live for and the only thing you can do left is pull the trigger. You feel weak and scared. You start to wonder ‘why did it happen to me?’ ‘What did I ever do to deserve such a thing?’ Nobody can answer that, you just have to cope with it.

Suddenly, there seemed to be footsteps coming from the kitchen. Both Jack and John looked at the kitchen door, seeing the knob being slowly turned and out came their father. Their father wasn’t speaking to them; he was all dressed up in his fancy black suit just like his children. Jack and John weren’t speaking to their father knowing what they have all gone through. The brothers wouldn’t even speak to each other never mind their father.

Their father was making creaking noises along the floor. He looked up to the ceiling and sighed with a depressed expression on his face. The walls were completely covered in red paint with the side of white. And the soft furry chairs were covered with ‘wolf fur’ to keep them warm for the winter.

Jack got up off the chair and stretched his legs. John glared at him knowing that it wasn’t the time for stretching, that it was the time to remember their mother. John got up off his chair and walked directly towards Jack, ‘Listen, Jack, this isn’t the time for playing games. So stop doing it. This is the time to remember our mother and your being a dick!’

Jack had never seen John this mad at him before. He looked at him confusingly, ‘What did I do wrong?’

‘You know what you did wrong, Jackie.’

‘No honestly, brother. I don’t know what I did wrong.’

John stopped glaring at Jack and sighed at him, ‘You stretched your legs, which is very disrespectful towards our mother. Just don’t do it again, okay?’

‘Okay brother, I am sorry for stretching my legs. I didn’t know it was very disrespectful.’

John smiled at Jack and gave him a brotherly hug, ‘I am sorry for yelling, brother. I don’t like getting angry with you. Can you forgive me?’

Jack nodded at John, ‘Okay, John. I forgive you.’ He smiled back.

They both gave each a good hold hand shake and gave each other a great big smile.

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