Rosey's story

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This story wasn't written by me, it was written by my darling wife to be Rosari Garcia :D I love that big, strong girl and she's all I've ever wanted :) love you baby

Submitted: May 29, 2011

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Submitted: May 29, 2011



Rosey story

So it's a Monday morning, Daniel & Rosey's 10 year anniversary. Rosey wakes up exited and get the kids ready for school. She makes Summer some toast and Daniel Jr. Some pancakes. The bus arrives and Daniel wakes up to kiss the kids goodbye. He gets up telling Rosey he has to get ready for work. She gets sad and thinks that Daniel forgot. So she makes him his breakfast and she gets ready for work as well. Daniel says \"baby I thought you didn't work today.\" Rosey replies,\"they called me this morning and asked if I could do an extra shift so I decided to take the offer.\" Rosey and Daniel sit down and eat breakfast. Daniel knew something was wrong because they usually flirt with each other while having breakfast or Rosey sits on Daniels lap letting him kiss her breast. He asks \"something wrong bubba?\" Rosey nods and grabs the car keys. \"I gotta go\", Rosey says while kissing Daniel goodbye. Daniel felt bad but knew she'd be happy later in the afternoon. Daniel had this big plan for Rosey and him. Daniel went and bought Rosey petals and red and white tulips. Went to go pick up the necklace he ordered at the jewelry store. He went to the kids school and talked to the teacher and said that their grandma would pick them up today and if Rosey passed by to give her the flowers he bought. & so after a stressful day at work Rosey went to go pick up the kids the teacher told her exactly what Daniel asked him to. He also gave her the flowers and said someone very special dropped off those flowers for her. Rosey drove home and didn't find Daniels car there. She began to cry a bit because she felt a bit alone. She walked inside with the flowers and saw a trail of flowers and candles headed upstairs. She smiled and wiped away the tears. The trail led her to her bedroom. She smiled and Daniel grabbed her hand and walked her towards the bed. \"you thought I forgot didn't you?\", Daniel asked. \"honestly, I did\", Rosey replied. Daniel kissed Rosey sweetly and said,\"how could I forget the day I married the most beautiful girl in the world.\" Rosey blushed and started kissing Daniel passionately while putting the flowers aside. Rosey stopped and ran to the bathroom. Daniel was wondering what was wrong and before he could ask Rosey came out in a really sexy naughty school girl outfit with her heels and half of her breasts popping out her shirt. She immediately saw Daniels cock get hard in his pants. She got down on her knees and started sucking his cock like never before. Daniel played with her hair while she was giving him a blow job. Rosey then got up and pushed Daniel on to the bed making the rose petals go everywhere. She gave him a strip tease. Daniel sat up and smacked Rosey's ass and she moaned softly. They had sweet naughty sweaty sex the rest of the night. After they cuddled and Daniel reached into the drawer and pulled out a case. He opened it and pulled out a beautiful silver necklace and said,\"happy 10 year anniversary, I'm so lucky to have such an amazing wife.\" Rosey kissed Daniel and reached into her bag and pulled out a small case she opened it and inside was a gorgeous gold ring which had both of their names and the date 1-02-11 the day I fell in love with you<3 the end (: <3

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