Tommy The Tiger Turtle meets Alex The Allergic Armadillo

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Tommy The Tiger Turtle and his friends decide to go hang out at a coffee shop for the first time. Upon arriving at this destination, they befriend Alex the allergic armadillo, little do they know at this point that theres something in the way of Alex and Tommy being friends which leaves Tommy lonely and feeling as though he's lost his friends for good...

It was a monday morning. Tommy woke up bright and early in the hope that it is a nice day outside as he and his dear friends Bryo The Bent Bear and Kerry The Kinky Kitty had planned to go have a picnic. However, as Tommy opened his window blinds, he felt a rush of sadness coming over him, as he suddenly realised that wasn’t going to happen. It was pouring from the Heavens outside, so a picnic wasn’t going to happen. Tommy despised the rain, he enjoyed being outside, rather than sitting in. He phoned Bryo The Bent Bear to re-make plans. Tommy suggested that we go to Bryo’s house for a gamer day, but Bryo’s xbox had broke, and his parents were in. Kerry felt extremely uncomfortable around Bryo’s mother and father as they weren’t supportive of her “kind”. They were Catist?, or Kittiest? Something to that extent. They’re traditionalists. Bryo didn’t like going to Kerry’s house either. There was this awful, and almost intolerable stench in her room, and Bryo being Bryo, couldn’t handle it. They couldn’t go to Tommy’s as his parents never agree to buying him things like xbox’s and the likes. So, Tommy then phoned Kerry and she suggested that they hang out a “coffee shop”.

Tommy had never been to a coffee shop before, so he thought it was a nice idea. However,  Bryo detests hot beverages, so he found hanging out at a coffee shop would be somewhat pointless, but that’s just Bryo for you. He has pessimistic views on just about everything. Tommy didn’t mind this about him, as it’s just what who he is really. Kerry wasn’t as sure about this him, she found his depressing attitude towards everything condescending and annoying.

They arrived at the new coffee shop in town, specialising for animals. It was entitled “Paw Bucks”, original, eh? Aha. As they entered inside it was nice and warm, and the smell of strong coffee and baked goods filled the air. It was bright and colourful inside, and there were big comfy chairs. Many had their laptops with them; or a book to read. It was very attractive. Tommy and Kerry both got a chocolate; Bryo was moaning and insisting on not having anything. He then settled for an orange juice. They all got some cookies, because even big pessimistic Bryo couldn’t not like cookies. Cookies are simply unbeatable.

They sat at a table in the middle so they could look around. They just sat and talked casually. Tommy noticed a boy sitting himself. He was reading a book entitled “Teenage Angst”. He had stylish brown hair, and bright blue eyes. It wasn’t long until Kerry noticed him as well; that’s Kerry for you, eh? Bryo didn’t really care, but Tommy felt sorry for him as he doesn’t like to see people on their own. So, he and Kerry went up and introduced themselves and invited him to sit with them.

“Oh my god, thank you so much! I would love to sit with you. I’m Alex by the way, and I’m an Armadillo” Replied the armadillo in great enthusiasm.
So, Alex began talking about himself. It turns out he was an “emo”, that’s why he seemingly has no friends, as no one “understands” him. Tommy thought there was something strange about Alex. He was consistently sniffing and sneezing. And whenever Tommy tried to engage himself in the conversation, he was quite bluntly ignored; or Alex replied coldly to him.

“So, em, Alex. Do you have the cold or something? Cause you keep sniffing and stuff?” Asked Bryo The Bent Bear. Looks like it wasn’t only Tommy that noticed.
“Ah, see the thing is. I’m allergic to Tiger Turtles. Sorry Tommy, but I can’t hang out with you much longer”. Answered the Armadillo.
Tommy was confused at his statement; but was also worried. Even Bryo seemed to be loving the new guy and he didn’t want to lose his friends. Tommy figured that Alex was talking coldly towards him due to the fact he could die from just being around me.

“So, Bryo, Kitty, want to come to my house for some Call Of Duty?” Asked Alex through a big, somewhat creepy smile.
“YES MAN!” Shouted them both in almost perfect unison; not even acknowledging Tommy’s existence. So, they left without even saying goodbye, and poor Tommy was left sitting alone.

Tommy left the coffee shop furious. He was shocked and disgusted at his best friends betrayal. They didn’t even know this guy, but that didn’t excuse them leaving him all alone. He went home and drew some pictures. He didn’t have anything else to do now. His friends were basically his life.

Meanwhile, back at Alex’s house, they’re just arriving in Alex’s room to play some games. His room was somewhat scary, and strange. It was painted black, and there was pictures of scary people plastered around the walls. Alex went to the back of his room and pulled out a book on suicide.
“Hey guys, now that we’re best friends and all. Think we could commit suicide together? I think it’d be pretty awesome” asked their new “best friend”.
Bryo and Kerry just looked at each other in despair, and bolted out of his room as fast as they could.

They ran to Tommy’s house and begged for forgiveness. They explained everything that happened, and begged Tommy never to leave them again. Of course Tommy accepted their apology immediately. He loved his friends, and despite the fact they had left him all alone, he understands that everyone makes mistakes, and that if you care about someone, then you should forgive them, and give them a second chance.

So, they celebrated with some cake and Call Of Duty; as Bryo’s xbox was fixed. They had a sleepover, and promised one and other that they’ll never betray each other again.

So, it goes to show, that you should never abandon someone you care for, for someone you’ve just met. Not only do you not know what type of trouble you can get in, like Bryo and Kerry, but the your friend may not be as understanding as Tommy is.
Also, in Bryo’s case, he should be abit more optimistic, and not think so coldly about just about everything, and try and see the good sides more than the bad sides.

Well, thank you for reading my first Tommy The Tiger Turtle story of the year :P
Goodbye (: xoxo

Submitted: March 30, 2010

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