Tommy The Tiger Turtle Meets Bryo The Bent Bear

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This was my first ever Tommy The Tiger Turtle story. Tommy The Tiger Turtle is a ficitional character who is an outcast in society and begins to develope depression due to his lonliness. Bryo The Bent Bear also understands how Tommy feels and helps him out :).

Once upon a time, there lived a what was seemingly an everyday teenage boy. Until one day, he realised he was in fact a tiger turtle :O. He made “rawr” noises, and his favourite colour was green, therefore, he must have been a tiger turtle. His name wasn’t always “Tommy”, but he had a love for alliterations, so he changed it to Tommy. Tommy The Tiger Turtle.

Once everyone realised he was a tiger turtle, people grew scared of him, and didn’t want to play with him anymore. He was left without any friends, and this saddened him. Even his parents were worrying, and thinking about where they went wrong. Eventually, due to lack of attention, Tommy developed serious depression, and had dreams every night about killing himself. He couldn’t shoot himself, as turtles are too small to do that. He thought, “I’ll climb to the top of my school then jump”. But due to the lack of speed present in turtles, it took him about a month to eventually reach the top.

After Tommy finally reached the top, he shouted down, “RIGHT EVERYONE, I’MA DO IT, I’MA JUMP OFF THIS MOTHAFUCKING BUILDING, YO”. Everyone down below failed to acknowledge this. All Tommy wanted was a little attention, or a friend, someone to talk to. Tommy began to frantically scream for attention, and broke down into fits of tears. All of a sudden, a big crazy bear came and saved Tommy from his horrible death! “Who are you, Mr.Bear?” asked Tommy.
“I’m Bryo, the bent bear. I know how you feel, and i’m here to be your friend” replied the bear.
Tommy’s eyes swelt with tears of happiness, he forgot what it felt like to be happy.

So, there they went. Tommy and Bryo left the roof the school to go engage in their new best friendship. From there on out, they did everything together, picnics, swimming, ice skating, you name it.

It really does go to show, no matter what kind of freak you are, there will always be someone who feels the same way as you do, just waiting eagerly for some compassion.

Well, thank you for reading ;D.

Goodbye (: xoxo

Submitted: March 29, 2010

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