Tommy The Tiger Turtle's Cousin Comes To Stay :D

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Tommy's cousin; who he hasn't seen in years decides to pay him a visit. Tommy isn't at all thrilled with the idea due to the fact that the fame of being the Frosties Tony The Tiger has went straight to his head. Tommy, however doesn't understand the problems his cousin is currently facing in his life.

Tommy the tiger turtle woke up bright and early to find a thick layer of snow outside her window. She was thrilled and got her coco-pops then rushed to go in for her dear dear friends Bryo the bent bear, and Kerry the kinky kitty. They were just as excited as Tommy, so they didn’t hesitate to enjoy some snowy fun.

They spent hours having snowball fights, and making a snowman army. Tommy ended in a huff as due to his height and speed disadvantages it was made physically impossible to win against the bear, and then realised the story between the turquoise and the hare must have been made up. However, Tommy’s aim was impeccable. Kerry wasn’t very interested in the snow ball fights, she was more interested in adding naughty parts to the snowman army. Typical Kerry. Bryo just enjoyed the happiness it brought out on his friends, and the fact that he could beat Tommy each time, despite her hard efforts.

Once they decided to finish up, they all went back to Tommy’s house for some hot chocolate and cookies. Tommy opened her door to find her cousin was sitting smugly with a suitcase by his side. “Great” thought the tiger turtle. Her cousin was very well known. Tony The Tiger. From the frosties advert. How she hated her cousin for this. When they were young, they were very good friends, they did everything together, until one day Tony was offered the job of the Frosties spokesman. At first, it didn’t phase their relationship at all, until the fame went to his head. He gradually forgot all about Tommy, and even when he did bother to call or visit, his stuck upness shined right through him. It wasn’t the same Tony anymore, and this saddened Tommy.

After staring at him blankly, Tommy finally said :
“WHAT ARE YOU DOING HEREEEEEEE!?” She didn’t sound happy at all. Bryo attempted to stare at Kerry in confusion, but she had her eyes set else where.
Tony replied “Hey, relax little cuzz. What’s up man? I see you finally found some friends haha. I remember I was your only friend”
Tommy was furious. “SHUT THE FUCK UP YOU FROSTIE FUCKING BITCH”. Kerry and Bryo’s faces dropped. You can always tell Tommy is angry when she starts cursing like that. Despite the fact, she barely understands what the words mean.

Tony just sat there quite happily. He let himself in, and not taking to account what his sweet little cousin just said to him.
“Hey cuz, i’ma make a sandwich, fancy putting my stuff in the spare room?, yeah thanks” Exclaimed the tiger as he walked into the kitchen.
Tommy was getting very annoyed. He grabbed Tony’s suitcase and furiously flung it into the spare room. He opened it up to find millions of mini boxes of frosties. He didn’t understand why they were so many, and why he’d even eat them. Everyone knows coco-pops are the best.

The last time Tony came to stay, there was lots of money inside the suitcase; rather than frosties. Kerry slipped out the room as Bryo tryed to calm Tommy down.
Tony was rummaging through every cupboard in the kitchen, mumbling to himself “frosties, frosties, frosties” ; as if he didn’t have enough. He found a box of coco pops and tore it up with teeth shouting “DIE DIE DIE DIE”. He was messing everything up, he clearly had some psychological problem.

Tommy and Bryo stood with Kerry watching with horrified faces. They’ve been in some pretty crazy situations before, but my god, what the hell were they going to do?
Tony saw them staring at them, he looked disgusted and grunted “WHAT?, NEVER SEEN SOMEONE LIKE FROSTIES BEFORE? Stop looking at me! STOP IT NOW!”.
Tommy suddenly felt bad for her behaviour beforehand. He went in and said some comforting things to her cousin and guided him into the living room.

Tony explained everything. After 8 years of being the frosties mascot, and eating about 8 bowls  a day,  he gradually became addicted. He won’t eat anything else, and he’s constantly thinking about frosties.

Tommy hated his cousin for the way he treated him, but he thought back to the days when they were best friends, and when he protected him. Although he became full of himself, and severely rich, he couldn’t bare to see his cousin in the state he was in.

He told Tony he was going to send him to a rehab centre, where he’ll stop needing his daily fix of frosties, and become normal again.

Tony was extremely grateful for his act of kindness, so he gave his suitcase full of frosties and promised to come back when he was feeling better. Tommy was glad she went her way to help her cousin, cause she knew deep down he’d have done the same for her. Bryo and Kerry also admired Tommy’s graciousness. Also, Tony promised Kerry to give her a call when he was clean ;].

Well, it just goes to show, no matter how bad a family/close friend can be, if they need your help, you should always give it. If they truly want it that is. Family and friends are the most important people you’ll ever meet, so you should treat them nicely, and appreciate everything they do for you, and not take them for advantage.

So, thanks for reading :]
Goodbye (: xoxo

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Great moral and great story I liked it alot :) Don't see many of these around anymore it was good to read one again

Tue, March 30th, 2010 12:02am

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