Lovely, Lonely, Lifeless

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A poem I wrote three years ago.

Submitted: October 02, 2010

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Submitted: October 02, 2010



You always made her heart melt.
She looks to you for comfort.
She watches your eyes in hope,
Maybe you will glimpse that spark she always felt.

She wonders if you will ever love her,
Every time you leave she feels so alone.
At night she dreams of you.
She cries when she is home.

Still she prays for tomorrow.
When you might say those few words.
You never do.
To think one as beautiful as her would love you.

You ponder her actions at night,
'Why does she follow me so?'
'Why does she look so sad when I go?'
'Even after we fight?'

You wonder why one so lovely seems so alone.
When you see her by herself,
She seems to be frozen in stone.
You wonder how you can help.

You never realize that all she wants is your warmth.
Something she believes she shall never feel.
When she remembers her dreams, she wishes they were real.

The day you realize you truly love her in return,
You will never see her smile again,
You will regret and yearn,
Only know the pain.
To know she was a love you can never regain.

A bright light shines behind her as she walks in the street.
She stops, her eyes widen, your eyes meet.
You scream her name, she is out of your reach.

As if time stops, she looks at you, and she closes her eyes.
You could almost hear her inside your mind.
She whispers,
'I love you.'

All you see is blood.
All along the street it floods.
The driver's face is dull, his eyes out of focus.
He shrugs, then drives on.
Not caring that he had just ended a life.

You stumble towards her body.
Tears burn your eyes without relent.
You kneel before her still warm corpse.

You hold her in your arms,
You now know she was truly heaven sent,
To make your existence mean something real.
Now you lost her,
Despite how you now feel.

You whisper,
'I love you, and I will for the rest of my life.'

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