To be happy

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How to be happy? This is question that you said and will say thousands times. It’s like life treasure that you ran and ran after but not reached.

Submitted: July 18, 2012

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Submitted: July 18, 2012



How to be happy? This is question that you said and will say thousands times. It’s like life treasure that you ran and ran after but not reached. I think that happiness “receipt” don’t exist. If existed, that means that every human can be happy but that not be happen. Cheer up; I will increase your possibilities to find happiness. I will say 5 things that you need to have or to do to reach happy life, so listen careful:


It’s mirror of your happiness. Smile will say how you feeling, what you think and what you want. Smile decorates you. People trusting your smile more than your word, smile improve your appearance and finally… smile make happy you and other (two rabbits shouted with one bullet) Do you want to be happy? Just smile. It’s very easily. Don’t abstain, smile how much you like. People won’t be angry when you smile. They will gain doze of enthusiasm of yours.

Make enough money for yourself

Money? Yeah, money gives happiness. Think, you good job, you have good payment, you receive it. You buy what you ne to stay alive and to satisfy your requirements. And you happy, because you are safe. You will not fear that you will not have anything to eat in future because you have. This ‘’happiness’’ is temporally because when you will not have anything to eat or you don’t satisfied you requirements, you will not be happy. Happiness is like comfort. There you will be safe but you will get boring.

Stay with friends or family

Everyone happy with their family and friends. In easy times, in tough times you helped to family and they helped to you, you shared your feelings, thoughts with each other. When you were sad, friends cheer upped you. You were and now are happy when you are with family and friends. Friends and family are amazing treasure that you need to have, because they bring you happiness. Value them, because they are only one time in your fast life. If they will safe, you will happy, if you will safe, they will be happy. This is strong bond.

Find job that you like

To be happy, you need to find inspiration and passion. Those things you can find in… work. Not in work that you don’t like and you do it only for many but in work that you enjoy doing. You need to find job that you can go every day with enthusiasm, do it slow but with patient and enjoy yourself. You don’t know what to work? Think what you like, maybe you like draw painting, maybe like work with computer. Find what you like and start to work, you will see how much you will get happiness.

Be optimistic

If you will think that world is bad, then world is truly bad. When you think that painting is good, it’s is truly amazing. I want to say that you are seeing what you want. You need one day, when you get up, in front of mirror say “this day is best day ever in my life’’ If you will believe, then it will be true. Example, you lost your pocket with money, don’t worry! You will get or earn money later. It isn’t problem, it isn’t end of world. You need only to…believe in yourself that everything will be good.




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