Symphony of a Zonbi- Part B to running with the Zonbi.(rough draft)

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Zombies, werewolves, and vampires OH MY! As the tale continues to unfold in the Zombie apocalypse, we will follow Jayce and Chet through the Zombie infested streets towards the Radio Station. Is it too late for the duo or will they make it unhindered? Read the final conclusion to Running with the Zonbi. A tale from Zonbi Nation.

I apologize in advance, i was so eager to get this out that i didn't finish editing or add any pictures. I will complete the editing and visuals as the days follow. Yet i figured i would let you get some insight of what's to come. Keep in mind this is only a sample of the meal that is to come.

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Submitted: May 31, 2014

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Submitted: May 31, 2014



Symphony of a Zonbi- Part B to 'Running with the Zonbi'

Tale from- Zonbi Nation.


Ambrocio sliced through a zombie's neck like butter as I screamed my battle cry.

I watched as thick red jelly flung off of my blade and splattered onto the street. I held the blade with both hands as I swung at another.

The sun was fully awake now, and it's eyes had penetrated the fog and given us full vision of the monstrous surroundings enclosing in on us.

"I'm sorry Chet!" Jayce's familiar gruff, baritone voice called back to me. "This is all my fault!"

We went back to back now, I was weak and tired. Both my guns were out of ammo, I had a few clips for my pistol, but I didn't have a minute to reload! This was it for us!"


I used the bottom of my hilt and knocked an oncoming rotund Zombie backwards. I knew that if I came hand over head with Ambrocio I would get him stuck in the thick durable skull that would take an onerous amount of strength to pull out. So instead I gave him a horizontal swipe, my signature move.

I kicked back his headless body and felt something push against my back.

"Ughhhh…" I creid.

A sharp, nerve ripping pain shot through my shoulder, up my neck, into my jaw and began stinging my brain. The pain was overbearing and I could feel teeth ripping away at my flesh.

"CHET!" I heard Jayce shout.

It was as if everything stopped, time itself no longer existed. Pain had become everything as I felt my nerve endings being torn from my shoulder. My empty stomach tightened like a fist and the pit felt as if it was pushing up through my throat.

"MURRRRRRRRRNG!" Cried the dead Zombie.

Jayce pulled it away and quickly came to my side.

"GET AWAY FROM ME!" I shouted pushing him back as I grabbed the left shoulder.

This was it, the end.

I could hear Jayce trying to keep the crowed control going as everything around me began to spin. Was it shock, was it pain, or was I turning?

Shaky hands fumbled with my pistol, my cold clammy palms shaking vigorously now. I could feel cold beads of sweat sliding down my forehead. I could hear my breathing like the only sound in my surroundings. I dropped to one knee, I didn't care anymore if I was going t be torn apart. But, I did still care about Jayce!

I stood up, something was coming over me. My eyes felt like they were bleeding, and I was sure I could feel blood dripping out of my nostril. A zombie hit me with a clumsy swing of its hand.

All pain was lost. I wasn't even sure if I had been bitten anymore.

"RAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWRK!" I shouted inadvertently, my jaw dropping down to my chest.

I lunged at the zombie and started to attack it. We dropped to the ground and I started beating on the face of the Zombie that had just struck me. I lunched my jaw at its face and started tearing away at anything I could clamp my teeth to.

Sitting up on my knee's blood dripping from my face, other zombies began to swarm me.

I could hear Jayce screaming as he tried to free me from the crowed of Flesh Eaters who would soon become consumers.

As they all piled atop of me, everything went black.

I was in a world of darkness, I couldn't tell if I was falling, or if I was just floating. I didn't feel that sick feeling in my stomach anymore, I didn't feel the pain in my shoulder, I didn't feel much of anything. I was numb… I must have turned by now. It only took a minute at best to turn, It was already five.

"ARRRROOOOOOOOOOOO!" I heard a loud ear piercing howl cry out.


Suddenly light returned, it burned my eyes at first. I was looking up at Jayce who was trying to heal me.

"Please Chet, don't go!"

I grabbed his wrist, I wanted… to feast.

Jayce froze as he looked down at me. I felt my mouth watering as I looked up at his large trap's in-between his neck and shoulders. His bulky chest… that would taste so delicious.

"Do it…" Jayce said quietly. "I don't want to go on without you or homer. Turn me!"

Resisting the urge to bite him took every ounce of strength I had. Did I look like one of those monsters? How was I able to fight the temptation!?

I let his wrist go and pushed myself up with my elbows.

Jayce backed away, I looked over as Zombies were being attacked by something else.

"What… where… go?" I asked panting in-between each breath. It felt as if I had run for miles.

"It's a werewolf," Jayce said looking over his shoulder. "I'm not sure if it's Domestic or Rabid, but we should probably go!"

Werewolves'! Creature's forged by the hand of science. A few years after the world turned into a Zombie nation the military came together trying to find a cure. Although it was unsuccessful, they did manage to create some amazing, unique creatures. Werewolves were once human's, humans who had undergone genetic splicing with canine DNA. No one expected werewolves to be birthed as a result. It started with one, Lyda Johnson.

She couldn't turn back into human form despite popular belief. She was stuck in her canine form, a large hairy beast capable of eating Zombies and not turning. She could be bitten, she wouldn't turn, but she was now a monster. Some say she is responsible for creating the army of werewolves that exist, while others say it was a mad scientist that created this army to kill the other abomination… vampires.

"Wait," I said pushing him away. "Go without me, I'm just going to turn you to!"

"Chet, you've been bitten before. Maybe your immune somehow, but I'm not leaving without you! I didn't leave you then and I'm not leaving you now."

I looked through red burning eyes as a large wolf standing on its hind legs was attacking the Zombie's surrounding it. It's large claws easily swiping off heads of its enemy. It's large snout crushing skull's with its teeth. Zombies began to pile atop of the beast, no matter the strength, even a werewolf could die.

I didn't want that beast to die, it wasn't fair! It was me who was suppose to die. I knew that this werewolf had to be domestic, or else it wouldn't have helped us like it did!

"We can't leave, that's a domestic beast." I said reaching for my pistol, when I drew it I quickly dropped it with my clumsy hands. Shit… I was turning, I just knew it!

"Domestic or rabid, we can't take our chances, were only a mile away!" Jayce said turning and pointing at the large radio station with a large global icon above it.

I closed my eyes, I wanted those zombies to stop. It was like I could see through each of their eyes. I heard the werewolf simpering as Zombies bit into her back, I could tell it was a women by her exposed breast.

"AROOOOOOOOOO!" The beast howled.

"STOP!" I screamed at the top of my lung.

My eyes still closed, I watched through all of the Flesh Eaters. It was like looking through multiple camera's on a security screen. I could switch to all or I could look through one individually. They all backed up and the werewolf looked around confused. Suddenly one of the camera's went out, than another and another as the Werewolf started to attack enraged now.

"Chet, Chet, can you hear me. Chet…" A voice called in the distance.

I ignored the voice as I held the Zombies in place, or at least in this dream.

"We have to go!" The voice called out getting closer.

Suddenly my concentration was broken and when I came around blood had poured out of my nose. My eyes opened just as a head came rolling in front of my feet. I looked up as the Zombies stood in place… was I responsible for that?

Jayce was pulling me now and we started running towards the radio station, a mile south.

I looked over my shoulder as I ran with my companion, the werewolf was still battling with the mindless solders of death.

As I tried to keep up with Jayce, I felt as if I could run forever. My respiratory system felt as if webs had clung to my lungs, and I could feel the wheezing despite the ability to not feel the pain of my lungs wanting to explode.

I stopped, I knew something was wrong. I looked at my clammy hand, I was starting to feel like there was absolutely nothing to me. Yet I could still think, at this point in the virus's growth I should be dead and reborn as a Flesh Eater. I didn't feel like I had limbs anymore, I didn't feel like I was walking--------- to be continued. 

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