An Evening Out

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Abandoned

Ian takes his new girl for an evening out.

An Evening Out

By Danni Lee


He was in here often enough that most of the regulars knew his name.  The moment he walked in, the dancers danced better, and the men smiled and nodded their heads at him.  He was a popular man and tonight he brought someone with him.  He came to the bar and sat down, she stood quietly by his right shoulder and never took her eyes off the ground. She wasn’t young, but she looked good in the outfit she had on.  She wore a tight white shirt you could almost see-through and she was either cold or excited about something.  Her short skirt was red and floated over her boots and those went all the way to the top, they had to, they didn’t stop at the skirt.  Her hair was long and dark brown with hints of long gray strands in it.  Ian was his normal self, jeans, a black t-shirt, and a denim jacket.  Ian was older and most people thought him an old man, but there was something unique about his eyes.  He could look right through you and the girls loved him.  Ian’s long silver hair was popular with the ladies and his thick graying beard, they loved it too.

“Want a beer Ian?”  The bartender asked.

“That would be great. Thanks Max.”  His voice was deep, like he’d been around for a millennium or more.

“Who is your friend, does she want one too?”  Max asked and look at the woman.

Ian turned his head in her direction. “Look at the man and answer him.”  He said to her very quietly, I almost couldn’t hear him over the music.

Her head came up slowly and her eyes opened, dark brown beautiful eyes looked at Max.  She smiled and those eyes just sparkled.  “No thank you sir.”  She said with a slight shake of her head and all that long hair just waved at him, then those almost black colored eyes looked back to the floor.

“So, what you doing tonight Ian?”  Max asked but his eyes never left the woman standing at Ian’s shoulder.

“My friend came in last week and I thought it was time we went out for a while.”  He grinned at Max and one eyebrow went up.  Yes, he would have kept her home too, and not to do the dishes.  Whatever age she was, she had a hot body on her, and you could see a lot of it in the outfit she wore.

“I like her boots Ian.  Where did she get those?”  Max leaned over the counter to see her legs better.

“I had those made just for her.”  Ian turned in his seat and looked at the woman’s legs.  “Steep out here Sweet Cheeks.”  She stepped out one step, and up one step, to be next to Ian.  “Turn around and show him your boots.”  She turned her back to Max that was leaning over the bar and lifted her skirt up.  The boots laced all the way up the back of her legs and there was a little bow at the top under each bare butt cheek.

“Well, I’ll be,” Max said trying to keep his balance on the bar and looking at the sweet cheeks on the woman. They were round, perfect for grabbing and those thighs were to die for, not to mention the hips.  Max swallowed and gawked at her.

“Put your skirt down and step back Sweet Cheeks,” Ian said to her a grin on his face as he looked back at Max.  She dropped her skirt and took the two steps to be at Ian’s shoulder again.

“Jesus, Ian where did you get her?”  Max asked as he eased himself back behind the bar.

“I found her online.”  Ian shifted, still with that wicked grin on his face. The other men in the bar watched the exchange between the two men, and a few of them started to float their way over.

“Does she dance too?”  One of the regulars asked as he came up to Ian’s left side and sat down.

“Yes, she does, but she likes her own music.”  He smiled at the men and his eyebrows lifted.

“Max, let the woman dance.” One of the men said behind Ian.

“You got any music for her?”  Max asked and finally took his eyes off the woman.

“What kind of setup do you have here?”  Ian said as he pulled out his phone, he was trying not to grin, but wore a gentle smile on his lips.

“Let me see what song it is, and I can pull it up on my phone.”  Max was quick to get his phone out and glanced at the woman.  The other men worked their way back to the stripper’s stage and waited eagerly for the event.

“Play that one,” Ian said and pointed at his phone.  “She likes that one.”

“You got to be shit’n me.  There’s a song called Sex,” Max leaned forward and typed into his phone.  “by Oomph.”  Max looked at the woman again and saw her quiver slightly, he wouldn’t have noticed it, but her hair gave the tremor away.  “I got it.”  Max was all smiles now and waved at the junior bartender to take over.  “I’ll go set this up.”  He needed to step past the woman, she didn’t move, but he saw her eyes shift in his direction.

Ian took a long drink from his beer.  His eyes drifted in the woman’s direction, and his lips parted a little, and the grin came back.  He took a cigar out of his breast pocket and lit it waiting for Max.

Max came back, without his phone, and looked at Ian.  “It’s all set,” he said and looked at the woman.  “Whenever she’s ready.”

“There’s one thing,” Ian said turning to face the stage and put his foot up on the barstool next to him.  He patted his thigh.  “Come here Sweet Cheeks.”  She stepped up, turned, and sat on his thigh.  “Put your leg up here.”  He patted his other thigh.  Max watched as Ian put his hand up her short skirt.  She sat up a little straighter.  “There it is,” Ian said and smiled as he drew his hand out from under her skirt.  Max couldn’t believe what he was seeing.  Ian was holding a sucker in his hand and he licked it and held it to her mouth.  “You want some?”  He asked her.

“Yes, Master.”  She whispered softly, her head lifting, and she opened her mouth.

Ian pulled the sucker away.  “I didn’t hear you.” 

“Yes Master, please.”  She said louder and opened her mouth again.

“Only a lick now, but later you will taste like strawberries.”  She produced her tongue and Ian whipped the sucker on it before he popped it in his mouth.  He pulled the sucker out again.  “Sweet,” he said “just like you.  Now go dance for me.”

“Yes, Master.”  Her eyes flickered as she glanced at Ian.  She stood and started to walk quickly to the striper’s stage. 

“Slow down,” Ian commanded and she began to take her time.  Each step an alluring movement as she approached the stage.  Her hips swayed and the short skirt swept from side to side.

Max was having a hard time keeping his mouth closed watching her.  Ian chuckled, a deep rumbling behind Max’s back.  Ian put his cigar in the ashtray, picked up his beer, and took another long drink.  He set the beer back on the counter and picked up the cigar.  She was on the stage now and he just watched her. 

The music started, she stood still for a moment until the first drum beat hit, and then she came to life.  Her hips started with a gentle thrust forward and then she just cut loose.  Ian watched and so did all the men.  The heavy drumbeats were punctuated by her hips and she swayed across the stage looking at the men that were looking at her.  She wiggled that ass and slid her back down the pole pulsing her hips to the song.  On the final piece, she tossed that short skirt and let her sweet cheeks show.

The men called out for more, but Ian called her with his hand.  She sauntered off the stage and walked right up to Ian.  Her eyes were downcast, and she was breathing a little hard.  “You need to go to the restroom,” Ian said to her.

“Yes Master.” She said but there was a smile on her lips.  She walked slowly, skirt dancing from side to side, down the hall to the bathroom, and passed a few of the strippers on her way.

“I was hoping to see a little more,” Max said

“I know you did, but I ain’t letting her show you everything,” Ian said with a crooked smile on his face.  He finished his cigar, put it out, and stood up.

“Where you going?” Max asked.

Ian held up the sucker.  “I got’a put this back.”  His eyes just glowed with delight and he started down the hall.

She walked into the restroom and started to check the stalls.  She didn’t want anyone there and he was coming.  She grinned, he would come and get her.  One of the dancers walked in and looked at her.  “Why do you let him treat you like that.”  She shook her head.

“Oh, you would never understand.”  She smiled at the stripper.  “I get so much more from him than you could possibly even know.”  She looked the stripper in the eye.  “Everything I do is rewarded.  Tonight, I will get the reward of my life.  Sometimes he just strokes my cheek and sometimes, he takes his time, and the pleasure is all mine.”  She smiled at the stripper.  “He’s on his way, please go.  I want this.”  The stripper shook her head but walked out of the bathroom. 

Ian walked in a moment later.  She was waiting for him.  Stone still, eyes looking at the floor and a small grin on her face.  “You amaze me.”  He stepped forward and stroked her hair.  “I need to put this back.”  He held the sucker between them, and her grin grew.  “Put your leg up on the sink.”  She did as he asked, and before she could even breath, he was on his knees tasting her.  She took in a breath and put a hand on his head.  His tongue was hot against her clitoris, and he darted his tongue in and out of her.  She quivered and put her other hand on the top of the stall next to her.  He slid the sucker in and out of her as he slid his teeth across her clitoris.  She wanted to gush for him, he built up the momentum and a moan escaped her lips.  He lifted the sucker up to her mouth and she took it from him, her lips stroking his fingers.  She spread her legs out farther and made it easy for him to get his fill.  He lapped up her sweetness and sucked her gently.  She gripped his shoulder, and the wave broke, and she spilled against his open mouth.  He licked her gently making her quiver, and she sucked in a gulp of air.  His hand came up and he gripped the sucker stick that was still in her mouth.  “Let go.”  He said and she opened her mouth for him to take the sucker.  He slid it between her legs and stroked her lips there.  She shuttered again at the feeling.  It only took a second for him to insert it and then he stood up.  “I think we should go home.”  He brushed his hand against her cheek.  She bowed her head down, but the grin remained.  He turned and walked out of the bathroom.  She quickly straightened herself and followed him.

Ian walked up to the bar and picked up his beer.  He downed the rest quickly. “I’ll see ya next time Max, and you owe me a free beer for the dance.”  He smiled at Max.

Max nodded his head and looked at the woman.  He watched them both leave and hoped Ian would bring her again.

Submitted: February 27, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Danni Lee. All rights reserved.

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