She just fell.

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Everything was perfect. Why did it have to change. What acctualy happened?

Submitted: February 28, 2012

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Submitted: February 28, 2012



I thought it was a dream come true, but that’s not how it turned out. My life was perfect. My mum had left my dad not so long ago. She told him she had found someone better than him, someone that will treat her right. I don’t know what she was on about, My dad{David} was so kind to her, always bought her gifts and treated her really nice. My mum was like that though, didn’t know what was in front of her.

Anyways, my dad got a new girlfriend, they are married now. We live in a three bed-roomed house, the furniture is modern and my bedroom is the biggest. The spare bedroom is the guest room but we hardly have anyone staying. Its Sarah’s, my step mum's, house. It costs a lot; she is always saying how much it costs.

It was a warm Thursday evening we were all sitting on the cream leather sofa watching a DVD that my dad had picked. I and Sarah were laughing at the funny bits. I and Sarah got on great, much better then me and my mum ever got on. I and Sarah had a lot in common; we both liked the same food, movies and even had the same hobbies. We got along great until.....

My dad had gone out to get us a packet of malteasers, our favourite chocolate. As soon as my dad had left the air fell still. It was suddenly awkward between us; it had never been like this before. I started to get butterflies in my stomach. I could feel my worry raising. Something bad was going to happen, I wasn't sure what but I knew something was.

"I heard what you said about me." Sarah finally announced.

"W-what are you on about?" I questioned in a worried tone.

"You know what i'm on about!"

"I really don’t, what-"

"You know exactly what i’m on about!" She screamed, cutting me off. "You told David that i’m a good-for-nothing loser and that he deserves someone better!" She shouted standing up.

I shot up, "What the hell are you on about. I have never said anything like that!" I knew I hadn't said anything. Has she gone crazy?

"I heard you and David talking! I heard it all! Don’t you dare lie to me!!?” The last line echoed thought the nearly empty house. I could see the anger building in her face. The air was tense and as Sarah clenched her fist's I grew more and more scared.

"I'm not lying. Why won’t you believe me?" I argued back. Her face was full of hatred now,

"I said DONT LIE TO ME!!" With them words she flung her fist to my face. I felt like I as falling in slow motion. As I fell though the air I hit my head in the glass table. The world around me became a blur in an instant. I was unconscious.


Sarah’s P.O.V


Oh no what have I done? I questioned my self. That had got way out of hand. I didn’t mean to hit her; it was all in the heat of the moment. What am I going to do?

A metallic smell was filling the air. She must be bleeding? I kneeled down next to her unconscious body. I slowly moved her hair that was covering her pale face. Her head was gushing with blood. I had to ring the ambulance. I would just say she fell no one has to know. I smiled to my self as I picked up the phone.

We have been in the hospital for about 8 hours. The nurse's have said she is in danger of falling into a coma and never waking up. They have done a brain scan and are waiting for the results.

I haven’t rang David yet not to sure what to say yet. It’s getting late so I will have to ring him soon. He will belie me, he always does.

Stacy has always been a good lasso. Never gets on my wrong side. I don’t have a problem with her; just she is always with me and David. Gets annoying. She should be in her room not with us. I only wanted to make it so she didn’t like me that much I didn’t mean to hurt her this bad...

*Ring Ring* *Ring Ring*

I looked at the caller ID, It was David. Right it's thinking time.


"Hey babe, where are you?" David replied worriedly.

"I'm at the hospital darl. Stacy fell down the stairs. She hit her head."

"Oh, I'll be up soon, how is she?"

"The nurse said there is a chance she won’t wake up. They have done a brain scan."

"I'll be up as soon as I can!"

I could hear him sobbing on the other end. I couldn’t tell him it was me that hurt her, he would never forgive me. But maybe I don’t deserve to be forgiven?

The nurse's had got Stacy's scan back. Her brain was swelling rapidly but has slowed now. They were rushing around her trying to do something. David was here now he hasn't stopped crying since he got here.

It's been two weeks now. She was put on life support two days after she first came here. They are on about turning off her life support because there is too much damage to her brain. When we were told that David broke down and begged them not to.

It's been a month now. The nurse has said they are turning off the life support tonight. I think David finally accepted that his only daughter isn't going t make it. He stopped crying g two days ago and hasn't spoken since. I'm worried about him.

They have turned the life support off now. David cried his heart out. He must feel so depressed. II can’t tell him it was me that caused all this I’m technically a murder. I'll never tell him. He will never hate me. He doesn’t have to know. Does he?

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