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A possessed doll has taken another life and has been set to rest. Now, 20 years after its last victim, it was been awaken and it hungry for another souls to take.

Submitted: July 30, 2013

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Submitted: July 30, 2013






On the 22nd of March, 1998, Cindy Taylor (Wife of Mike and mother of Alice Taylor) went out shopping for her daughter Alice's sixth birthday. Now Alice has always wanted a Doll, but when she was younger she always seemed to rip the limbs off, so her parents were always afraid to buy her anymore, but since she was older now and with her birthday being only two days away, Cindy thought she would buy Alice a Doll. So Cindy searched and searched, she went into about six or seven stores searching for the doll that Alice had wanted, only to find that they were all sold out; so Cindy walked up to a manager and asked him when would they get any more.

"Excuse me sir, when do you think you will get more of the new Barbie Dolls?" asked Cindy.

"We shoud have a new shipment coming in tomorrow, would you like us to hold one for you?" replied the manager.

"Yes yes! Please do" answered Cindy with excitment.

"Alright, will do, you have a blessed day ma'am" replied the manager.

Cindy rushed back home to apartment 213. She would return to the store tomorrow.
The next morning Cindy went back to the store where she spoke with the manager. Upon entering the store Cindy was approached by the manager who told her that the doll she had asked for didnt come. Cindy was furious, she started yelling at the manager, she began breaking things and pushing people out of her way, Cindy then stormed out of the store. After she left the store, Cindy noticed a man across the street who was taking out the trash; the trash bag was in his right hand and in his left was a doll. Cindy noticed the teddy bear and she ran across the street over to him in order to ask him if she could buy the doll from him.

"Excuse me, tomorrow is my daughters birthday and i was wondering if i could buy that doll from you?" asked Cindy.

"Here! Tske it and Run!" replied the stranger.

He then put his trash in the can and got in his car and drove away.
Cindy just stands there.
"Umm, ok? That was weird" says cindy as she stands there confused.
She then goes back across the street, gets in her car and heads back home.
Once Cindy arrives to the apartment, she opens the door and notices Mike (Her husband) and Alice asleep on the couch. Cindy picks up Alice and carries her to her bed, she then goes to her room to wrap the doll and get ready for Alices birthday party the next day. The next morning, Alice's friends all arrive at the apartment and are waiting for Alice. Cindy makes her way to Alice's room to wake her.
"Alice, wake up sweetie" said Cindy.
Alice opens her eyes.
"Happy Birthday baby, come on and get out of bed, your friends are here' said Cindy
Alice gets out of bed. She walks towards the door, pauses and rubs her eyes. She then walks out of the door to see her friends who are waiting for her. Her friends are all standing around in the living room and kitchen laughing and having a great time until they notice Alice. Once they see her they all stopped what they were doing and rushed over to her and began giving her girts. Het best friend Johnny grabs his gift first and runs over to her.
"Open mine, open mine" sayd Johnny
Alices opens the gift, and inside it appears to be an old teddy bear. Alice's mother then taps on her shoulder and gives her her gift.
"Here baby" says Cindy as she gives Alice her gift.
Alice opens the gift only to find a strange doll.
After the birthday party was over, Alice went back to her room to put her toys away. She was a little upset because she didnt get the girts that she had asked for. Alice began putting her toys away, but she had a bit of anger put behind them. She threw the bear into the toy box, then she threw the doll, only the bear hit the edge of the box and fell to the ground and stayed in the sitting up position, locking eye contact with Alice. Alice walked over to the teddy doll and picked it up off the ground and looked into its eyes.
As Alice stares into the dolls eyes, not only does she see her reflection, but she also sees the reflection of a little boy. Alice turns around in a instant, dropping the doll on the floor in order to see who was standing behind her, but when she turned around, nonody was there. Alice turns back around to pick up the doll, but it was gone. Alice looks around the room for the bear but couldnt find it, after giving up searching. she soon hears laughter from under the bed.
"Is that you Anna?" says Alice as she drops to her hand and knees.
As Alice looks under her bed she notices that the doll is at the back of her bed. As soon as Alice reaches for the doll her dad opens the door.
"Goodnight Al... Ha what are you doing?" Asked Mike
Alice comes back out from under the bed and looks at her father.
"Im trying to get Anna" Replied Alice.
"But Anna is on your bed" said Mike
"Huh?" replied Alice
She looks on her bed and notices the doll sitting there
"But she was under the bed" said Alice.
"Im sure she was kiddo. Well goodnight Alice, sweet dreams." Says Mike
"Night Daddy" replies Alice.
Alice then pulls the covers back on her bed.
"Ok Anna, time for bed" says Alice as she crawls into bed.
Over the next two years Alice and "Anna" seemed to have gotten along a lot better. Alice talked to the doll, she played games with the doll, she even called the doll her best friend. Alice pretty much spent every waking moment with that doll.
A few weeks after Alice's eighth birthday, her parents were celebrating their ninth year anniversary by going out for a nice dinner.
"Hey Alice, your father and I are going out to dinner, we'll be home later ok? Dont use the stove and do not open the door for anybody ok?" Said Cindy.
"Yes ma'am" replied Alice.
"Ok, love you sweetie" said Cindy
"Love you too" replied Alice as she talks to her doll.
Later that night, two people break into the apartment. The two guys begin to search around the place. They clean out he living room, the kitchen and the master bedroom, all that was left was Alice's room. The two men open the door, they see nothing. On their was out of the room, they hear what sounds like talking coming from the closet. The two men open the closet door to find Alice sitting there with her doll. The two men proceed to grab, abuse, rape and murder her. They then hang her from the kitchen ceiling. Alice now hangs there holding Anna.
Around an hour later Alice's parents came home and noticed that the door was knocked down. Upon entering the room they notice Alice hanging from the roof. Not long after her death the apartment building was closed down.
The apartment building was bought and reopened under new management. A new family, a mother (Linda) and daughter (Alex), moved into the apartment building. They stayed in apartment 213. After entering the room, Linda asked what Alex thought of the place.
"So what do you think of the place Alex?" asked Linda
"Its alright i guess" replied Alex
"Why dont you go look around in the rooms" said Linda
Alex starts to look around the room. She goes into the master bedroom, and besides from the dust and faded paint on the walls, there seems to be nothing on interest. She then goes into the bathroom, there isnt much in there but a torn shower curtain and a partially rusted tub. Alex leaves the room and goes in Alices room, but the door seems to be locked.
"Hey mom?" says Alex
"Yes?" replied Linda
"How come the door is locked?" asked Alex
" Im not sure, the man at the desk said it was locked, but he didnt give me a reason to why it would be locked, but he did give me the key, its on the table if you want to look." replied Linda
Alex walks over to the table and picks up the key. She then goes to open the door.
Once the door is open she proceeds to walk in. Once she is inside the room she takes a few steps in and suddenly the door slams shut. Alex turns around as quick as she could in order to see who closed the door, but nobody was there. She walks towards the door when she starts the hear laughter coming from behind her. Alex turns around once more only to find that nithing was behind her. Alex notices in the corner of the romm that their is a toy box. Alex walks over and opens the toy box, once open she notices a creepy looking doll sitting inside of it. She reaches in and picks the doll up out of the box. She looks at the doll, she notices something strange about it, she looks at its eyes for a few seconds, not moving, not breathing, just staring. A few seconds pass and Alex decides to leave the room with the doll still in her hand. When she turns around to leave the room,. behind her is a sheet figure standing in the middle of the floor. Alex stares at the figure. Alex begins to walk towars the figure when all of a sudden her mom opens the door, as soon as the door opened the sheet dropped to the floor.
"You want anything to eat?" asked Linda
Alex nods as she walks towards the door. After they both leave the room the sheet figure is back standing in the middle of the floor.
After leaving the bedroom, Alex walks over to the couch nad sits down. She stares at the TV not saying a word for about a minute.
'Alex, you ok?" asked Linda
"Huh? Oh yeah, im fine, just um, not feeling very well" replies Alex
"Aww im sorru hun, why dont you try to walk it off? Here go get he clothes out of the dryer in the basement. Just leave that disgusting doll on the couch" says Linda
"Yes Ma'am" replied Alex
"Thanks sweetie" said Linda
"Mhmm" replied Alex
Alex gets up off the couch and throws the doll back on the couch as she heads towards the door. She pulls the chain lock back on the door unlocking it. She then opens the door and proceeds into the hall. Upon closing the door behind her, Alex nitices a light coming from a room upstauds. She doesnt pay it much attention until it starts going on and off. Alex gets curious, so she heads up the stairs to see what is going on.
When she gets to the top of the stairs, she looks in the window only to see that nobodu is there. The light shut off, and in the reflection of the glass she see's something to her right, so she decides to look; alex looks to her and beside her is the sheet figure. Alex runs down the stairs and attempts to use the elevator but the power seems to be shut off. She turns around and runs down four flights of staris until she reaches the basement.
She walks at a medium pace to get to the dryer. Once she gets to it she begins to put the clothes into the basket when suddenly an arm reaches up out of the dryer and grabs her. She panics and pulls backwards, she falls over the clothes basket. As she lies there on the ground, blood begins to pour out of the walls. Alex starts to crawl at a fast pace, once she gets to the wall she stands up and runs towards the stairs. Upon reaching the first step she realizes that she left the clothes. Alex turns around to go get the clothes and she see's a bloody girl standing right begind her. The girls mouth opened wide as she gave out a horrific scream, the lights began to flicker. Alex gets scared and runs back to the apartment.
Once she got back to the aparment room, the lights were off, the apartment was dark, the TV was on a full of static and the dishwasher was going...Alex's mother was nowhere to be found.
"Mom?" said Alex
"Mom!?" she repeated.
Alex goes into the master bedroom looking for her mother, when she opens the door, she notices a necklace laying on the floor in front of the closet. She picks the necklace up as she reaches for the closet door. She softly pulls the door open and notices that her mother isnt hiding in it. Alex slides the clothes over and a doll falls from the top of the closet scaring her. Alex runs out into the bathroom and notics that the sink is on. She turns the sink off when suddenly the dishwasher stops and starts banging very loudly.
Alex walks over to the dishwasher, she proceeds to open it. Upong opening it she finds that her mothers body was bent, broken and shoved in the dishwasher, with small hand prints out of blood coming from Alice's room. Alex walks towards the room when suddenly the door slams shut and locks itself. Alex turns around and finds a photo of Alice holding her bear. As Alex is looking at the photo something hits the top of her head, she looks up and on the roof she notices the word 'TEDDY" written in blood.
Alex runs out of the room in a frantic panis trying to find some help or a clue to what is going on. She runs in the hall and looks around to find a pace to go. She runs to the elevator in hope that it will open. When she pushed the button to open the door an arm flies out towards her in attempt to grab her, but Alex begins to run down the stairs, still searching for somebody to help her. She reaches the main lobby but it seems to have been destroyed; paper has been thrown everywhere, glass from the light and windows are on the floor and the pictures on the wall have been knocked down. Alex continues to look around when suddenly she notices the manager laying on the floor. The manager has been cut open and is laying in a pile of blood and organs. Alex see's that the front doors are open so she runs towards them when all of a suden they slam shut and lock and are unable to opem. She decides to go search some of the rooms in order to find somebody to help her.
Alex walks up the stais and stumbles upon an open room. Alex pushed open the door and notices that nobody is in there; she closes the door and walks to the next door she could see. Alex reaches for the handle when something flew across the room and hit the door. Alex turned around. She was facing an open dooor which was full of darkness.
As Alex notices the room, their seems to be a sudden change in air, the hallway that she was staning in got about ten times colder than what it was. Alex slowly walked into the room. The room she had just entered was a nursery. The nursery was full of toys, cribs, rocking chairs, blankets and life like dolls. Alex began tro search the ro,, for a clue into what was going on. As Alex looks around the cold dark room, a faint cry come from behind her. Once she hears the cry, Alex turns around in an instant, behind her is a baby doll standing up and looking at her.
As Alex stares at the doll, something drops behind her, she turns around, there is nothing there. She turns back around and the doll is gone. Alex stands there all motionless. She takes a few steps forward out of the room when she hears a girl crying in the bathroom. Alex decides to check and see who it is.
The atmosphere is dark and the lights are flickering. The crying is coming from the fianl stall. Alex slowly walks to the stall and opens the door, but nobody is there. She closes the door, right after it latches the faucet turns on. Alex slowly walks over to it and turns it off. She looks in the mirror and notices a bloody girl is behind her. Alex turns around and again nobody is there.
Alex walks out of the bathroom and looks down the dark hall when she notices a light come on. Alex walks towars the room still searching for help. When she approached the door she checked to see if anyone was there:
"Hello" said Alex.
After she said hello the door slammed shut and the light went off. The room was the employee work room, so Alex thought somebody was in there and opend the door. Once open, Alex walked into the room; after a few steps in, the door shut behinf her. The lights came back on for a few seconds but soon after they started flickering. Alex looks to the right only to see a bloody girl standing there, but when the lights flickered she was gone. Alex then reliazed that she weasnt alone. She begins hearing a girls laugh as she is trying to find out what is going on. As the laughing gets louder, object start flying across the room. Once the laughing stops the lights come back on. Alex looks on the floor and notices a piece of paper which syas:
:Alice was an 8 year old girl was had much more life to live, only to be taken away much too soon. May God be with her and her family as they go through this rough time."
The paper was an obituary that was written 20 years ago.
Alice places the paper on the floor. As she stands up Alice is standing in front of her. Alex screams and runs out of the room, thats when she notices a body is being dragged around the corner.
"Hello?" says Alex as the follows the body.
Once Alex reaches the end of the hall, she notices that there is a blood trail leading into the managers office.
"Can you help me?' asks Alex.
She walks up to the door and tried to open it but it seems to be locked. Alex backs up and falls over the managers body. She then notices that the key to is office is attatched to his belt loop. Alex reaches for the key when the managa ger grabs her arm. Alex pulls her arm and the key from the manager as she gets up and runs to the door. She struggles to he the door open and after a few tries the door finally opens and she rushed in and closes the door.
Alex turns around and notices that a single lit candle is sitting in the middle of a blood soakes floor. She walked over to it and picked it up. Alex took a deep breath in and turned around to open the door, but as she turned around, Alice was right in front of her. Alex dropped the cangle as she screamed in panis, She closed her eyes, opend the door and ran out; the candle was lighting the blood on fire like it was pure gasoline.
Alex runs out of the room in fear and she trips up the stairs. She turns around to see if anything is behind her, yet their is nothing.
Alex sees Alice. As soon as she does, she beings backing up the stairs.
Alice gets closer. Alex moves quicker up the stairs.
Alice is on all fours looking at Alex, Alice's head is turned sideways. Alex gets up and runs up the stairs trying to get away, she is running non-stop. While she is running, doors are flying open, lights are flickering off and on and papers are flying across the room as Alice screams. Alex runs up a couple flights of stairs when suddenly the screaming stopped. Alex turns around only to be facing Alice.
The shock of running into Alice knocks Alex down the stairs, when she gets up Alice is gone. Alex realizes that she is standing beside the elevator. She pushed the up arrow and for once her luck is on her side because the doors opened. Alex enters the elevator and pushes four. As the elevator goes up, Alex rememebr her mother and she stars to cry.
"Momma" says Alex as she cries.
Suddenly the elevator stops. Alexs hears something crowling on the outside of the elevator. The door begins to open. Once open, Alex rushes out of the elevator only for her leg to get grabbed. Alex falls forward and gets dragged back into the elevator. She grabs the side of the elevator, trying to hold on from being taken in, but her arms are to weak so they buckled and Alex was pulled into the elevator. Soon after the doors close.
...Alex screams as Alice giggles...
The doors open and Alex is standing up in the elevator. She walks out and up the stairs so slow and lifeless. Once she reaches the top of the stairs she enters apartment 213. The rooms atmosphere is still dark, the TV is still full of static, and their is a noose tied to the roof in the kitchen. Alex walks towards the couch and picks up the Doll. She goes back into Alice's room and puts the bear back in the toy box.
After placting the bear back, Alex walks back into the kitchen and stands up on the bar.
"Come play with me" says Alice
Alex places the noose around her neck and leans forward, killing herself.
A few minutes later, Alex's mother comes back with the laundry.
"Alex im ba...." says Linda as she screams
"We're going to be best of friends" Says Alice.



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