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Let's be truthful; we all want to be read.

Submitted: January 10, 2018

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Submitted: January 10, 2018



Steven King in his book, About Writing, wrote in effect, we all write to someone.  I have to agree with him.  He said he writes everything to his wife, leaving the first draft in his file for six months before giving it to her to read.  Years ago I wrote for my sister, Mary.  Primarily because she was the one who read everything I wrote and corrected a multitude of errors on the way.  She was held in my mind’s eye all the while I wrote. 

Today, I write to read my stuff at the All-Writers writing group I belong to.  I was wondering the other day if I didn’t belong to this group if I would write at all. 

I’m writing this one thing, Psychology 101 for Daryl Shrock, a retired librarian at the Bristol Library.  It started to be just a short story, but it kept growing, and when Daryl emailed me asking what I was working on, I kidding said, I was working on a novelette.  She took me seriously, and so I’ve let it grow.  She has heard parts of it and likes it, which encourages me to continue in this maddening pursuit to find an ending.

When I wrote the book, Six Elkharts, I held my sister Jane in my mind the whole time because when I was telling her my adventures of going to the different Elkharts, she said, “You ought to write a book” so I did.

When I was enrolled in college English, I wrote for my tutor Mrs. Detlef.  I took three writing courses, but never wrote for my professors, but for my tutor, who was only my tutor for only one of my courses, but she was there in spirit, or in my head, I guess.

I have a friend Joe who says, “I wish I could write like others, to no one in particular.  He writes everything to his two daughters, who live in California.  He addresses everything he writes to Dear…then one of his daughter’s name.  He has let me read some of the things he has written.  The memories of his younger life, thoughts of the things on his mind as far as religion and politics, and interesting people he has met along the way.  I met his one daughter once and she said, “Oh, you are Dan the writer and your wife is Sally the quilter.” 

He said, “I might have written a little something about you and Sally to her.”  I just smiled to think I was interesting enough for him to write about.  But if we have to write for someone, he has taken it to extremes where he has to actually address that person in his writing.

I remember getting a writing assignment to write about someone we admired.  I choose a girl I knew in junior high school I had a crush on.  I wrote it as if I was writing to her.  I held her in my mind’s eye the whole time.  When I turned in the assignment in, the instructor commented, “It’s too bad you never expressed this to her.” 

It is said from tradition that Mark, the author of the gospel of Mark, being in Rome at the time of the Christian persecution by Nero, wrote his gospel to the Christians.  Probably using Peter as his source, he had to give the Christians something to hang onto.  Wow, talk about someone to write to!

Well, most of us will probably never have an audience as grand as Mark’s, lasting nearly two thousand years, but we are writing for someone, I hope that person you are writing to feels privileged.  And, is worthy of your efforts.

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