A wrinkle of disrespect

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Adults might say sometimes that we children have no respect for our elders this just may be one of those times...

Submitted: January 16, 2009

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Submitted: January 16, 2009



Sometimes in life you have a moment when you have to stop and think "did that just happen" sometimes its just pure coincidence or its just all terribly random. Looking back at this momet I'm about to share with you I still can't believe it happend but dont think I would change any of it, it was just to hilarious to want to try and make it any better.

One day after school a while back,some friends and I were in my friends car and we were on our way to hang out with a group of people I didnt know to well. While we were on our way to chill, this old lady happend to start following us, she followed us for about twenty minutes or so. When we hapend to pull up to a stop lightand andshe pulled up right next to us and peered over at the group of teenagers that she had been tailing. My friend Nick looked back at her and unrolled his window and said "Hey whats your name? huh? wanna have sex?" I was sitting in the passenger seat and looked over to see who he was talking to and said "oh my god you didn't just ask that wrinkly old lady to have sex with you"and I hid my face so she wouldnt see me laugh. According to everyone else she looked scared and immediatly looked back at the red light and when it turned green she didn't take a second glance she just took off and Nickwas left calling out "Aww come on baby don't be like that" and every one else in the car just laughed their ass off.

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