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Jaime is a spy for the gonvernment and is sent on a mission to watch a suspected terorist but when his cover is blown it seems like his world is about to come crashing down around him

Submitted: January 17, 2009

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Submitted: January 17, 2009



jamie Joyner

My name is Jamie Joyner, At this day and age when fame is the alter at which most people worship, I don’t know why you should care who I am or that I exist.

I'm not a celebrity and I have no desire to be one. I have never been married to, been abused by or provided a kidney for any celebrity. I'm twenty-one years old. To a world wise adult i'm little more than a child to any child however I'm old enough to be forever banished from the magical community of the short and beardless. Demographic experts may argue that my sole audience should be men and woman stuck in the limbo of their twenty-first and twenty-second birthdays. I have nothing to say to that narrow group. I only care about one thing and that of course is survival. I lead a unusual life. Don't get me wrong I'm sure your life is filled with as much happiness, charm, beauty, and as much abiding fear as anyone could want. Your only human after all and we both know how much of a joy and fear that is. I only meant that things happen to me that rarely or if ever happen to anyone else. I hold a secret that few of my friends know I work for the government doing espionage work so I’m a spy if you will. Pass judgment if you must I have killed a number of nameless people in the name of a government that is as corrupt as it is powerful. Don't count me as a villain the people I have played the part of death for were ether terrorists or suspected terrorists don’t look at me as a hero ether i'm not worthy of that title. Look at itfrom my point of view I do what must be done to ensure people like you get to see tomorrow. I begin everyday just like a normal person I wake up precisely at six o'clock in the morning. Before going to sleep I tell myself three times I must be up by five forty-five am yes my internal clock is a little slow but not useless. Anyway I start my day by seeing who may have joined my company in my sleep someone in my position can never be to sure a lot of people would love to have me killed for the deeds I have done.
Currently I’m stationed in the eastern part of Mongolia. I have been assigned to watch a possible terrorist. The surveillance job isn’t my thing i'mmore of a going into the situation ready to make the kill kind of guybut a job is a job and someone has to do it I suppose. Surveillance isn't easy here in this arid dry part of Mongolia. Water was a need to live before, here its a unwritten law to have the H2O with you always. I love my job but if I ever decide to make a career change I would like to teach something I figure that after all I have taken from this world I should be able to give something back. One thing I keep with me always is a ticket from a fortune telling machine that says me and my girl Rachel are meant to be together forever. She has jet black hair with the prettiest emerald green eyes I have ever seen. On our first date we went to a carnival back in my hometown of Sacramento, California. A couple decided to try there luck on the fortune telling machine. Their first card said "the Devine winds will drive you two apart." Disappointed in the first card they tried another. The second said "a relationship cannot last with a wall between the two." Getting desperate for a card with good advice they tried a third it read "what a tangled web of deceit you weave to think you can last." The couple distraught and now questioning there relationship bid each other goodnight and the divine winds were already blowing. Next it was mine and Rachel’s turn to get our fortune told by this mummified thing, thinking to myself "I hope we have more in store for each other than divine winds and walls." We fed it the quarter and a few whizzing noises were made and our card popped out reading it "you two are meant to be together forever." This was the card the first couple had tried and failed to get and had wasted a dollar trying to get it while we only needed twenty-five cents to be told what that we were, soul mates. I found later Rachel had already thought her reasoning was that we have matching birthmarks. On my left hand there is a darkened area that looks like half a crescent moon, and Rachel has a matching crescent on her chest. Rumor has it that she had that tattooed so she would have a reason to meet me. I do not believe this accusation though. She was my very first reason for becoming a spy but that’s a story for later.

Watching lazily for the suspected terrorist from a abandon house across from his store, I flip the card slowly through my fingers letting the words burn into my mind. feeling guilty that I must leave her behind every time I get a new assignment. Making her wait for me for a unknown amount of time I know she could do much better than me in a heart beat . What she sees in me ill never know I guess. Putting the card away and pulling the headphones of my mp3 player out my target come walking up as"tomorrow" by Sixx Am begins to play, its not encouraged to listen to music while on the job but if you can think of a better way to pass time in a desert let me in on this secret . This Guy always comes from the same direction usually around the same time but today he is running late. I wonder what kept him maybe it was just a fluke these are the kind of things a person like me must consider anything could result in ether my death or the subject getting away. A quick description of this guy would be he is at least five eleven and according to his file he weighs a hundred and ninety pounds but he look like he could easily weigh two hundred and fifty pounds. This guy looks as if life has pulled no punches there are a scars on his face along with missing teeth. Before he unlocks his store he turns around and looks into the abandon house if he knew I was there. He looks directly at me in this moment. Its like he can see into my soul with his cold piercing eyes. At that moment a dark figure looms behind me. I have no idea who this guy was standing there, pretending to be my shadow. With out making a sound he lunges at me, reacting with ninja like reflexes I reach shakily for my pistol and point it directly into my attackers face. Our eyes met and I realized who this shadow figure was that stood before me. It was part of the management team from the store across the street. His name was unknown to me but I read the file he is know as "Viper." We stood watching each other for what felt like an eternity when finally "Viper" made his move and I took my shot it rang out sounding like a thousand church bells sounding for mass and "Viper" fell dead the scarlet blood running from him.

Obviously my cover was blown so I had to call headquarters. Nothing could be done about the gangly looking store owner so I was sent home. On my flight, I received a call that sent a chill that i swearreached as far down inside methat it touchedmy soul. The store owner who was now known as Abla Hussein had fled Mongolia and was seen two hours earlier in my hometown of Sacramento. The biggest mall in the world is located there. If he were to blow that up it would mean death to thousands. This was now a race against time I had to make it back to the states and stop the mad man before he could cause any real damage. As I landed I rushed to my smoke grey Honda civic. I drove franticly to the mall hoping I wasn’t too late, as I arrived I seen a crowd of people standing around something. Walking up to see what the commotion was, I seen something laying there motionless I turned and ran not wanting to face what was waiting for me in the middle of that crowd. Running inside the mall like a insane man searching for Abla. all around me there were dead or injured people trying to focus on Hussein was my major goal. Hussein was setting up a bomb in the shipping and receiving area in the back of some truck. AsI entered therecieving room Isnuck up behind him pulling my prized pistol from its holster, taking one shot and missing. I took a secondshot and itricocheted off the truck. By now Hussein had realized I was there. Only a deaf person wouldn't have. He turned towards me taking shots of his own. I was hit in the arm. The blood was oozing and there was nothing I could do. Taking one final shot Abla was hit in between the eyes he fell lifelessly to the ground. the bomb was armed but I could let bomb squad handle that. I passed out from loss of blood and woke up in a hospital. My boss stopped by to visit. I was told about all the lives that had been saved but there was something else the chief didn't want to tell me. It was just instinct to know when you have been in this line of work as long as I have you can sniff out secrets like a dog at the airport sniffs out drugs. The news of Rachel’s death was not startling I had already known just didn't want to face the dark truth. Denial was my only blanket, and it was now ripped away from me. I live alone now in Rachel’s apartment. This place is full to the brim with thoughts and memories of the past. There’s only enough room for me,my brooding thoughtsand the card I now keep framed that reads "you are meant to be together forever."

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