Introvert and Extroverts views on Interaction

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This is similar to my poem on isolation with introverts and extroverts, but this time it's the extrovert who is happy and the introvert who is uncomfortable.

Introverts View
A door opens, slow and silent
She cautiously throws a glance
Their vacant eyes penetrating
Edging through them, she feels distant
Detached. The wall is shown as thick
Lips form the words she dreads
Hey you. Name, place, dreams
She shudders; no please leave me alone
I won’t, can’t, never again, never again
Questioning stares and unknowing smiles
A trembles starts while she begs for their mercy
They don’t know, they must never know
Turning to flee, a vice like grip takes her
Her blood freezes, eyes clamped together
A torturous spin, lasting eternally, she faints
An all too real fire, she winces and awakens
This is her life, all hope hath been forsaken
And they’ll never know what has been taken
Extroverts View
Hands shake. Hello. I am me. You are you
Her eyes dance merrily, the gleam of fire split in two
A warm evening, a pleasant melody, a love so true
Questions asked. Bodies sway. Oh, what a glorious day
She glances at him, and he at her, words unworthy of say
A smile is born on the face of both, immeasurable by pay
He approaches and asks with respect, would you care to dance?
Mind racing and pulse pounding, she decides to take a chance
As they sway and sway, she considers her stance
She cannot believe, no cannot believe, she’s been swept off her feet
By this gentleman she knows no better than a stranger from the street
And yet what are the chances that this feeling could be beat?
She faces him. A smile on her face with tears spilling
He puts the ring on her finger, saying “I do”, and God willing
You and I shall remain as one forever, a love forever fulfilling
Years pass. She faces the cold tombstone, unbroken
A friend questions, is the pain worth loves grandest token
She smiles in memory of that first glance, remembering words unspoken

Submitted: September 17, 2009

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good poem really liked it sj

Thu, September 17th, 2009 7:29pm

Alex Burgess

This is really beautiful. Like a rosebud waiting to bloom on a warm spring morn... haha Nice work, sir.

Thu, May 5th, 2011 12:29am

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