This is the first piece of really long poetry that I ever wrote. It's an allegory where Love is Christ, and he is broken by the people he was sent to save.

The Day that Love Died
United they stand, divided he falls
They foolishly celebrate with crude cat calls
They burn up his books, tear down his walls
One is destroyed, but nobody wins
As the idiots delight and rejoice in their sins
But let us go back to where this story begins
He will change the world, it was spoken and said
Little did they know, thirty years and he’d be dead
But they foresaw none of this when he awoke from the bed
His purpose was to fill the fools full of joy
None would be spared, neither girl nor boy
Better than anything, more fulfilling than a toy
But the fools didn’t realize they could never be filled
As a result of their creation, many were killed
Nations were split, and the voices were stilled
What they thought they received was a gift from above
As strong as a lion, but more gentle than heaven’s dove
And the name they thought to give this gift was Love
As he sat up on the bed, he was instantly shaken
He groaned and wondered why it was he that must awaken
The others, he realized, must have already been taken
As he stood, the crowd gasped, and some screamed
He opened his eyes and faked a smile that beamed
He was all they had hoped for, all they had dreamed
They threw him on their shoulders and danced around
For surely the time had come, the answer was found
They saw him as freedom, but his limbs felt bound
The people were proclaiming, our hero is here
Yet all their hero could feel was fear
For he knew chaos and disorder were near
The years flew by, and Love was spread
He kissed many children, he saw many wed
But though all was good, he was filled with dread
Because as of now, the people’s intentions were pure
But soon that would change, of that Love was sure
He realized that soon, he’d no longer be their cure
And he was correct, as the people began to fight
Over who owned Love, and who had the most right
It was not long before they’d created Spite
The people were torn between Love and the one they’d created
And as a result, both Love and Spite were equally hated
At this Love would weep, while Spite was elated
The sides were drawn up, thousands fell in war
Love cried to his Creator, “This, I was not made for!”
While Spite swallowed up the blood and the gore
Love was diminished, and Spite could see
That soon he would make Love cease to be
“And when that day comes,” he said, “it’ll only be me.”
Finally, the day came when Love was taken
Bewildered, he thought the people mistaken
As Spite whispered in his ear, “Love, you’re forsaken.”
They tied him up, and with malice, broke him in two
Spite laughed and screamed “No one cares for you!”
And with his last breath, Love declared that not true
The cast him aside they cheered at his untimely death
But love was not finished, though he’d had his last breath
Though he was finished on earth, he had one stop left
He entered the presence of one who was great
His Creator, the man who’d determined his fate
“Come to me, Love.” He said, “There’s no need to wait.”
Love trembled, but proceeded, humble and sad
And he suddenly screamed, “I am no more than a fad!”
The Creator touched him softly, but Love remained mad
“It was all for nothing.” Love whispered, and then fell
“Creator, why would you want to put me through hell?”
Creator held him close, and assured him all was well
He explained that the humans would pay their price
That without Love, they could hardly suffice
“For without you Love, grown men become mice.”
“I will send you again, when their need is most.”
“And again, it will be in you that they boast.”
“But until that day Love, you shall be like a ghost.”
Love smiled softly, still feeling broken inside
And the Creator could understand why he cried
It was a sad day indeed, the day that Love died

Submitted: September 17, 2009

© Copyright 2023 Dante Durden. All rights reserved.

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one of the best i have read in a long time well done sj

Thu, September 17th, 2009 7:28pm

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