The Insanity of a Lesser Being

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

A violent fantasty of a young child. First he goes to school, then to get a haircut, then to a psychologist before waking up. Yep.

Preschool Insanity
Walking down the street, three paces behind
She looks back and sweetly calls my name
I giggle and hurry to catch up to her
She the unsuspecting of all my devious motives
We enter the great mass of royal blue
I am contained for the briefest time period
She consoles my weeping with irritable names
I cease in order for her to begin our mission
My ties to her are merely genetic
She is deceived in thinking more
One day she will awaken to reality
And transport shall be searched for
She releases me in front of the red square
Assuring me her absence is only temporary
The younger version of she assumes control
I consent only to enjoy the plastic agents
Words of love and generosity are spoken
I respond by withholding all things grand
My only thank you coming with removal
I alone deserve solitude from drooling imbeciles
Sadly, our merging is forced as we march north
I tell my anointed comrade to keep her distance
Not caring that this moment may be ruined
I will not be reduced to a greeting card image
The older she greets all with a senile smile
Proud that her only qualification is pettiness
She ushers me towards the section of stupidity
When her back turns, I scamper towards comfort
I withdraw from the cat in the hat
Green eggs and ham produce heartburn
Magic school bus’s purely nonsensical
I push these trifles away and adore others
Jack, Ted, Charles, Adolf, Friedrich, Napoleon
These he’s who nowhere are to be found
Punished for choosing to fulfill potential
I shudder in awe and salute in respect
Several turns later, the blue mass welcomes me
I am uncertain where I am now headed
I comprehend in horror the swirling red and white
In revenge I will put my plan into action
I sit as he/she puts the robe around me
My disgust growing as it makes petty guesses
Assumptions that make me lose all calm
I combine the silver and peach to create red
He/she reveals astonishment before collapsing
I scream in order for the masses to give recognition
My she comes running and pulls me away
I grin into her luscious and comforting bosom
The other she’s flee while the lower he’s gather
A mid he in blue asks the gathering to remain
I am believed innocent and therefore taken by she
I assure the mid he the fool painted himself red
Many turns on the circle pass as I arrive
The older he trying to delve into my head
I feign gibberish and laugh at the attempts
In frustration, he murmurs unrecognizable words
As he swirls in his chair, I sit up quickly
He is whispering to his miniature figure
I dart forward and claim his neck art
As his exhales diminish, red and darkness
She shakes me as all the beauty ends
I sadly realize that red is off my hands
But formulating will continue as the turns occur
I shall create a canvas, enveloped in red

Submitted: November 12, 2009

© Copyright 2021 Dante Durden. All rights reserved.

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Tree Star

Deliciously wicked, and creepy! Would you hate me if I said it reminds me of Stewie? Oh well, because it does. Very sadistic work here, I liked it ;)

Wed, November 25th, 2009 12:50am


Haha I'm honored that it reminds you of Stewie, I love him.

Wed, November 25th, 2009 9:25am

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