Ai No Kusabi: Iason's Captive

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This the first erotica piece I ever did that was part of a fan fiction Yaoi inspired manga/anime called Ai No Kusabi. What I enjoyed about the plot was that it incorporated themes of political corruption, socio-economic issues, and gender roles set against a love story struggling against political turmoil and dictatorship. Read the The Story first to get a insight of the background.

Submitted: July 16, 2011

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Submitted: July 16, 2011



The Story: Set in a dystopian future, the humans of the planet Amoi created a master supercomputer called Jupiter to help their lives easier and make them more technologically advanced. However, Jupiter's artificial intelligence realizes humans cannot be trusted to govern themselves and uses its power to overpower and control humanity. (Think of movies like The Terminator and The Matrix.) The humans rebel and try to overthrow Jupiter but in the end the supercomputer wins and wipes the majority of the human race. From the ashes of this apocalypse, Jupiter creates an elite society of wealthy humans who join its side and any surviving rebels are forced into enslavement and work under horrible condtions in the slums of the ruined city of Ceres. To ensure that no insurgence ever occurs, Jupiter sterilizes the vast population by diminshing the females who might give birth to any future rebels. Those that are born are born naturally in Ceres are referred to as Mongrels identified by their dark hair and quickly orphaned or forced to work in one of Jupiter's work camps. Jupiter ensures it's prosperity by genetically creating emotionless generals called Blondies, named after their hair color, thus establishing a social order based upon hair color to distinguish between the caste systems in a dictatorship society. Living among the elite in high rise floating cities like Tanagura and Midas, the Blondies enforce the rules of Jupiter and eraticate anyone who stands in their way. One of the most common practices is a form of sexual slavery where elites purchase Mongrels as pets and use them in any way shape or form. Though Blondies can purchase a pet, they are expected not to engage in any sexual contact with them as to prevent any emotional connection they might have. One such Blondie, Iason Mink, breaks that cardinal rule and purchases a pet name Riki who sells his body to save his gang of Mongrel thieves from being hunted down. This is where our story begins....

The booming crash of thunder could be heard from the echoing city of Midas as a downpour of rain began making pitter patter sounds across the concrete of the penthouse suite. From the huge window, I looked down at its residents, my face pressed against the cold, foggy glass wondering if the other members of my gang inquired about my whereabouts. I placed the palm of my hand against the glass as my fingers made a white frosted streak down my reflection. I leaned my forehead even closer to the window pane thinking about how I came to this situation that I did hear my Master come in.


The voice came from him. Iason Mink. A Blondie elite and Amoi political leader. Dressed in his regal uniform, Iason looked the part of Jupiter’s favorite lackey, one of many clones the super computer created to do his dirty work. Iason was no different than any other genetic creation that Jupiter brought to life in a test tube and made into its personal general to ensure that mankind would be controlled and dominated. Chiseled, fair haired, muscular and intelligent he represented everything us humans despised about the elite. The very same ones who destroyed our society, diminished our race, and eliminated any hope of utopian world. My eyes burned with inner rage at what he turned me into as his personal slave. His pet. Something to toyed with and thrown away. I had become his property and him my Master.

“You seem rather glib,” Iason smirked as he sat down to stare at me. “I hope I didn’t distract you from your petty theft with friends.”

I turned my head away as I said nothing. I despised the way he made it seem he was doing me a favor of making me his pet. Once again, Iason had searched me out in the slums of Ceres where my gang prepared to steal an elite's car to sell its parts on the Black Market. During the altercation with another rival gang, I became outnumbered and got beaten unconscious. Iason rescued me, or so he claims, and took me to the floating city of Midas to heal me. If wanted me to feel grateful, I wasn’t.

“How did you find me?” I inquired with my fists clenched.

“Your ring,” said Iason pointing to my crotch. “It’s a homing beacon for any pet. It’s allows any Master know where their property is at any time should they decide to run away.”

The ring in question was the device Iason had me outfitted with around my penis. Only a Master could place it on their pet or remove at will. Any attempt to take it off would cause bodily injury or even death to its wearer so very few even tried to accomplish this feat. With this revelation now surfaced it only made me more aware that I had been now reduced to being nothing more than chattel to my Master. Damn him!

Don’t act surprised,” grimaced Iason sipped a glass of champagne as he explained this to me. “I was not going to let my personal property get damaged after I paid a hefty price for it.”

"I thought you gave me permission to come and go as I pleased?” I responded lifting my eyes to meet his.

"I did. But not your freedom. Be aware that you are still my pet and still belong to me. If I request for you, I expect you to come to me. That is our arrangement and what I expect from you.”

I could not deny this fact. Unlike other pets that are used and discarded by their Masters, Iason released the reins of my leash as to provide me some semblance of emancipation or control over my life. However, I could ever forgive him for making me his personal pet.

“Now Riki I have had a long day and need some attention from my pet. Please prepare yourself.”

I entered Iason's dressing room and found my pet garments. Leather harness. Leather thong. Neck and wrist manacles. I undressed, showered, put on the attire and stepped out to meet my Master. Iason seemed pleased with my appearance and approached me. Locking the chains that hook to my wrist and neck, he had me kneeling on the floor to face him.

“What would you like me to do Master Iason?” I gritted through my teeth with eyes glaring down at the marble floor beneath me.

Iason unbuttoned his pants to release his straining shaft that had been trapped in his trousers all day. Erect and at full attention, he began to stroke himself as he pulled my neck collar toward him. It propelled me forward as I crawled closer to his awaiting shaft that ached to be obeyed.

I swirled my tongue against the hard tip of him as I stroked the head of it which seemed to please him as he laid his head back. I continued to work my way down suckling the right sack of his scrotum and allowing it to pop in out of my mouth and switching sides to the left side as Iason’s fingers played with the strands of my dark hair. I finished with pleasing him in his shaft’s underbelly and began to lick up to the tip once more and repeating the process with my tongue which Iason responded with a silent grunt of pleasure. But I had not finished yet as I ended the procedure with the final taste of him by inhaling his entire shaft in my mouth. Iason bucked his bare hips with each rhythm as I worked his hardness with the sensation of my deep throat and hot breath under a cover of wet saliva.

“Enough!” Iason ordered as he roughly yanked my neck collar forcing me to the tile floor. I turned my head away not willing to face him. I refused to show weakness no matter how he degraded me and I never failed in that effort. I would not begin now.

Iason grabbed my wrist manacle and tugged me forward forcing toward the back of the wall of the penthouse suite. His face moved closed to mine as we stared at one another as I inhaled the closeness of his masculine scent.

“Riki, do you know why decided to purchase you as my pet?” asked Iason pinning my wrists against the wall.

“No,” I answered unsure of what his intentions were.

He leaned in close to me and caressed my neck. His lips felt soft as a shot of electric heat surged through me. I hated how my body responded to his closeness but I could not do anything about the situation. He whispered in ear as his blonde hair stroked my check gently.

Iason placed his hand down my leather thong and he began to massage my groin and carefully removing the ring from my penis with his strong fingers. My body betrayed me even further as I ached with immense pleasure to his touch. I turned to face him with anger in my eyes.

“Because I knew you were much stronger than any submissive pet I have had. You don’t cower to me. I loathe submission. It bores me. You are different than any Mongrel slave. You intrigue me.”

Iason placed his hand down my leather thong and he began to massage my groin and carefully removing the ring from my penis with his strong fingers. My body betrayed me even further as I ached with immense pleasure to his touch. I turned to face him with anger in my eyes.

“I may be different than any Mongrel slave that you’ve had Iason! But remember I am Mongrel nonetheless and proud! Born and bred to a human mother and father! Your kind Blondie wouldn’t know anything about that since our great supercomputer dictator Jupiter created you from a test tube! You have no compassion! You have no human feeling! You’re simply a slave like me! The only thing is that I accept what I am! Can you?”

My words must have struck a chord with Iason whose face changed to one of anger. He suddenly pulled the chains of my manacles rougher than before and dragged me to his sleeping quarters. Quickly stripping of my pet attire, he pushed me on to the bed. He too also undressed and began to come toward me. My apprehensiveness of what Iason might be capable of did give me a sense of fear but I would not allow him the privilege of taking away my courage. Iason stopped himself to look at me and it for first time I noticed something different in him. Perhaps it the light of the reflecting moon at night but I finally noticed how beautiful he looked. With the face of an angel and the body of a god, Iason looked so virile and masculine but in reality I knew he had the temperament of a demon incarnate.

“It looks like I need to provide another lesson to my pet,” said Iason as he approached me.

Removing the manacles from my neck and wrist, he ordered me to stay where I was and went to the nearby cabinet to remove several lotions. Unscrewing the bottle cap off one of them, he began to massage the ointment into both my wrists and neck where the manacles bore into my skin. He then turned me over onto my stomach and began massaging my back. His fingers kneading into my skin as my mind wandered into a state of confusion over his gentleness.

“Iason, why are you showing kindness after what I said?” I asked him.

“Like I said Riki, I do not appreciate my personal property being damaged,” he replied. “And like you said, I have no human emotion. I am without feeling. I am simply a slave to a super computer.”

Upon those words, Iason forcefully turned me around on to my back. Now facing him, I could swear I sensed a smile coming from him as he began to trail kisses from my neck down to my slender chest. His mouth licked, suckled, and formed a path from both my nipples down to my groin as he lifted my legs with his strong hands and took my shaft in his mouth and began to taste me. The sensation of his hot mouth on me made feel guilty that I had been enjoying it but my body gave in to his techniques as Iason caused me to submit to him.

I clenched the bed sheets with both hands and his golden hair stroked my body enslaving me to his touch. As much as I hated to admit what he was doing me, I greedily wanted him to do more. Eason lifted his head from me and smiled.

“I see my pet seems pleased,” he said as he continued.

My eyes stared at the ceiling realizing my mistake that I had failed to remain dominant to my will when Iason clearly owned that. He might have taken my freewill, my body, and life but I would never give him my soul. That would remain with me.

Iason moved up my body to kiss me. I could nothing but oblige him as our lips touched. Once again that surge of electricity shot through my body as I allowed my lips and my tongue to touch his. He moved himself up and grabbed a different bottle of ointment near the bed and began to pour it into his hands. Before I could question him, I felt him stretch my forbidden hole of my sphincter apart with his finger. In and out of me, he spread me as this part of my anal cavity caved in to this examination as he continuously probed in order to get me to relax during this moment of foreplay.

“Tell me Riki,” he asked me. “Does your ex-lover Guy make you feel this good?”

I said nothing as he knew how to throw a dagger into my heart. He was talking about Guy, one of the leaders of our gang and my ex-lover. Guy had been the one who took my virginity and the only one I felt a bond with but I never enjoyed physical intimacy with him. Sex with Guy often became rough and unknowable but with Iason I felt a measure of pure bliss that I never thought I could feel with another person. After I became Iason’s pet slave, it had been part of our agreement that Guy and the rest of our gang would be left alone. By paying Iason with my body, my gang would escape persecution by Jupiter’s elite police force that might punish them with imprisonment or even death. Guy never knew what I had done to protect them. They could never know. The sacrifice had been too great. Even after Guy confessed that he loved me, I realized that I would never return the same feelings that he had of me.

“You seem distance Riki,” commented Iason. “You usually respond better to my touches.”

“Guy said he loved me,” I said to Iason as it this had been my final confession.

“I see. Let me see if I can make you forget him.”

Taking the last of the ointment, he began stroking his shaft as entered me. I shuddered at his touch as he began with the head of himself and worked the thickness into my anus. With each time he kept moving himself in, the muscles loosened and allowed him to enter me with ease as I allowed myself to relax and let him make love to me with the same aggressive gentleness as he had done many times before.

“Tell…me….what you…want Riki!”


“You…know…I can’t!”


“Don’t…ask…that of me… Riki!”

“Why...won’t…you let me…go Iason?”

“Because…you’re mine! You …belong to me!”

Shocked at his words, I looked above at Iason who had me pinned to the bed. He thrust into me one last time as we shot a stream of liquid warmth together in unison. Iason maneuvered himself around to my side and put his muscular arm around me holding me close as he kissed my ear and whispered.

“We already too close to the edge in this Riki. It’s forbidden for me show any affection for pet, whether physical or emotional. Jupiter does not allow it. It could mean the death for the both of us.”

I turned to face him. A tear welled in my eye as I looked at my Master. He always seemed the cold, distant image of a political general to Jupiter’s army. Yet at this moment, there appeared to be some spark of light in his eyes. Iason took his finger to wipe away the liquid dew forming from my face.

“Iason, I do have a question,”

“What is it?”

“Do you even feel anything for me?”

Iason sighed, said nothing and stared away. His cold demeanor seemed to return.

“You know Riki, I can not answer that question. But if the roles were to be reversed, would I ask the same of you knowing the position we are in?”

“I suppose I couldn’t answer that question either,” I responded as we both stared at one another tangled in the sheets wondering how we let the boundaries of Master and slave be compromised.

No matter how much Iason and me attempted fight it. We were no longer Master and pet. Blondie or Mongrel. Enemy or friend. We broke down the barriers, crossed the border that separated us, and rebelled against our better judgment. We were now lovers. Nothing good could come from it.


© Copyright 2017 Dante Mendoza. All rights reserved.

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