Death of a Balor Lord

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic
Also set in a D&D style world, also involving my Necromancer character, along with several friends.

Submitted: August 01, 2008

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Submitted: August 01, 2008



The group thundered across the desert, their quest known to few, but their

bravery no less for it. In the lead rode the Cleric, Kaelis. His dark armor

and red cloak hid him in the darkness, but the divine power burning in his

eyes lit him from within. He was determined to save their companion,

Elrow, from the Balor Lord in command of her body. Behind him rode the apparition of death, the

Necromancer, Danuthal, mounted upon a steed plucked from the very

bowels of Hell. It snorted hellfire, and left the scent of brimstone wherever

it trod. Then came Rega Mortis, their erstwhile guide, pointing the way to

the oasis. The shadows seemed to wrap themselves about her, covering

her in a comforting embrace. Last came Dakota Westfield, Necromancer,

her hair shining like quicksilver in the scant moonlight, keeping hold of

their prisoner, the elven mage Elrow. The Balor in Elrow's body cursed and

spat and struggled, but still remained bound. They had been riding for

some time, hounded by creatures from nightmare, demons determined

to reclaim their Lord. They were weary, but the indomitable spirit

which drives all those who seek adventure forced them to continue

riding. Then, the oasis came into sight, but it was filled with demons.

Kaelis gestured for the others to remain back. He rode forward slightly,

marshaling his energies. He threw up his hand, and a small circle of flame

formed within it. In seconds, it streaked across the night like a falling star,

then came to a halt inside the gates of the oasis. There was a momentary

feeling of compression, as if some monstrous creature were taking a deep

breath. Then, the night exploded into an incredible burst of flame and

concussive force. The area was lit like day for miles, and the demons

howled as the hungry flames stripped flesh from bone, then devoured all

that remained.The gate shattered into pieces, and our heroes moved in

to investigate. They found the Succubus once more, but she fled their

sharp blades swiftly, fighting only a short time. Then, they rode back to

Dakota. She had not moved, but Elrow was gone! Kaelis moved closer.

"Where is she?""Where is who?" asked Dakota, smiling slightly. Enraged,

Kaelis thundered "Elrow!" Dakota tilted her head to the side. "You mean the

pretty elven girl?" She shook her head. "I don't know." Without a word,

Kaelis wheeled his steed about and rode out into the desert, seeking Elrow.

The others split up as well, seeking the possessed girl. She was found at

the oasis, standing by the pool of water, gazing into it. Kaelis dismounted,

and walked closer to Elrow. She turned to face him, and held out a hand.

"May I see your sword, Kaelis?" The Cleric frowned, and started to move,

when a flash of red light blinded all who stood nearby. When our heroes

were able to see once more, the Balor stood among them. Standing twenty

feet tall, its skin burned with eldritch flames, and its massive, horned head

glared down at our heroes with eyes that held the Abyss itself, while its

heavily muscled wings slowly flapped behind it. Once more, the

companions almost fell prey to the weariness sapping at their souls, but

drew themselves up, preparing to face this monster of monsters. Behind

them, the Succubus appeared once more, and the Balor spoke.

"Baroness. It is good to see you once more. Now, assist me." The earth

itself shook under the creature's voice, and in the distance a mountain

collapsed. The ears of our heroes bled, and their souls shrank back in

mortal terror. The Succubus lunged forward with a whip, and the group

sprang into action. Rega vanished into the shadows, as Danuthal snapped

a word of command in some dark tongue. His steed disappeared, and a

sword of utter oblivion appeared in his hand. He charged forward at the

Succubus, while Kaelis prepared to battle the Balor. He forced himself to

step forward, drawing his blade. The Balor grinned down at the pathetic

mortal, and drew its own sword, the blade alone larger than Kaelis. It

swung downwards, and Kaelis hefted his blade, moving to parry his foe's.

The swords connected, and Kaelis was driven to the ground on a single

knee. His muscles ached with the strain, and he rolled to the right. As

swiftly as a striking cobra, his blade lashed out, gashing the Balor across

the leg. The lethal blade descended once more, and Kaelis rolled back,

climbing to his feet. He lifted his blade to the sky, and a pillar of divine

energy slammed down upon the Balor, stunning it. Kaelis rushed forward,

determined to end the battle. Behind him, the shadows blurred and twisted

as the Necromancer fought with the Succubus, while Rega struck from the

darkness, then retreated once more into the night. Kaelis struck out with

his weapon once more, but the Balor was not as dazed as he had thought,

and the demon lifted the puny mortal from the ground. Its claws twitched

and the sound of the Cleric's spine shattering echoed throughout the night,

the rush of air from the duel behind him underscoring it. The Balor tossed

the Cleric to the ground as if he were a piece of trash, and turned to deal

with the others. With inhuman will, Kaelis slowly regained his feet, and

lifted his blade once more. The Balor roared, and a great pulse of death

erupted from it, flinging our heroes about. Then, when all seemed lost...

The Balor vanished into thin air. The companions staggered to their feet,

wondering at this miracle. By the pool stood Elrow, holding that which

bound the beast to this world. The Balor was slain.

© Copyright 2020 Danuthal. All rights reserved.

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